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Because I'm a Bitch

I'm hungry and cranky and had a shitty day today. I [miraculously] finished grading all 310 exams today. Still not quite sure how I did it, but I did.

Sumita-sensei called Carolyn and me over to "talk" with us. Informed us that we no longer need to attend the teachers' meetings they have every other Friday. This was the [next to] last piece of shit in a long line of sewage. It started because Carolyn is thinking of having another baby this year, so she asked that she be allowed to skip meetings later on if she gets pregnant, especially toward the end of the pregnancy. Thanks to Tsu, her simple request to be allowed to miss meetings if she got pregnant turned into this huge ordeal. First, Tsu told Carolyn that she didn't have to attend meetings this year. She explained that she wasn't pregnant yet, so it didn't matter, but he was really obnoxious about it (as always) and she finally said she understood what he was saying, but would continue to attend the meetings. Then Edagawa-sensei reminded her that she needn't attend any more meetings. She explained the same thing again, but--unlike Tsu--he got what she meant, and he let it drop, until Tsu-sensei started having a fit at the Eihan meeting last week and Edagawa-sensei said that both Carolyn and I didn't need to go. It felt rude to go when he had just told me not to, so I didn't (also, I was going to go to that Higashiyama Kaii thingy). Then, today, Sumita-sensei (who's now the head of the high school) told us BOTH that we should not go when we're busy doing other stuff. So Carolyn and I decided that MAYBE we should not go to today's meeting, since the HEAD OF THE HIGH SCHOOL essentially told us not to. The meeting had already started, and Carolyn and I were in mid-conversation, trying to figure out the best thing to do, when Tsu comes crashing into the English department research room, saying, "You know, we have a teachers' meeting now!" So we explained what happened and THAT FUCKER would not SHUT THE FUCK UP. He didn't listen to a single word we said. And he insisted on knowing EXACTLY what words Sumita-sensei had used. We tried to explain that to fly in the face of what the 部長 said would be really rude, but he WOULDN'T FUCKING LISTEN.

It is TOTALLY AMAZING to me that a man who NEVER LISTENS and has NO CAPACITY for listening could EVER be good at a foreign language.

So finally Carolyn gave in and said we'd go to the meeting. I was REALLY unhappy about that, but there wasn't much I could do. He ran off ahead of us, and Carolyn laughed that he was such a pain in the ass (her words). I replied as though speaking to Tsu, "Oh, just go ahead and rip me a new asshole while you're in there." She started laughing really hard and it was kind of a nice release. She knew exactly what I meant. So we go into the meeting room and everybody starts whispering as soon as we get in there (which is WHY I didn't want to go there in the first place, since the meeting was already well underway), and some of the teachers started laughing quietly ('cuz they knew that Tsu had been an ass and had gotten us to come to the meeting). Niwa-sensei motioned to C, asking if it was Tsu's fault we were there. She laughed silently and nodded. He was less than surprised.

Then, in the fucking middle of the meeting, Sumita-sensei turns to us and CALLS US BY NAME in front of the rest of the teachers and says that we don't have to come to the meetings and it was SO FUCKING EMBARRASSING. I kept thinking, "Do you feel like an ass now, Tsu? Do you realize now what a prick you are?" I could have slaughtered him. Thankfully, Sumita-sensei amended it slightly by (sort of) extending the offer to the other teachers ("Please take care of yourselves and don't allow yourselves to get so stressed that it compromises your health. If you are too busy, please skip the meetings, too."), but it wasn't quite the same. Gah, it was SO embarrassing. So now, I'm sure teachers like Inazu-sensei (I like her, but she has "opinions") think that C and I have been asking for special permission to not have to attend the meetings. Rather, the opposite is true. Yeah, the meetings are a pain in the ass, but at least WE'RE BEING INCLUDED. We get excluded from things all the time, so the little things that at least superficially make us a part of the group are good. Besides, we get to hear what's going on in the school.

Afterwards, Edagawa-sensei caught C and told her (yet again, folks!) that she didn't need to come to the meetings and asked why she had come today. So she told him. And she thought he was gonna shit a brick. He already hates Tsu, so this didn't help things at all. She said she wished she hadn't said anything, but I think it's a good thing. Get it out there, let him get burned. I mean, the fuck was it his business, anyway? He's not the head of the English department anymore, he's not the head of the International Division, he's NOTHING. C was right: he's a busybody. A fucking busybody with NO life. I told C he needs a hobby. One that takes up a LOT of time.

Decided to post Cliff's email because I'm a wicked-evil person.

Hello Abby ("Abigail that's what my mom calls me when she's mad.")

This is Cliff from those "foreigner" get-togethers that Dan, Mika, Mary, Sara have been organizing. How have you been? ^_^;

In any case, I was wondering if you had some free time on the weekend? I can still show you the Gamers character shop in Kobe if you'd like.

Gamers shop: URL in Kobe: URL.

But the real reason I am sending this now is because of the Higashiyama Kaii Exhibition in the Hyogo Prefecture Art Museum. I like scenic paintings and the simple color scheme of his paintings please me. This has only been going on for a month and it will end this sunday (5/23). Entrance is 1400 yen and it's close to the Sannomiya. Would you like to go with me?

About the exhibition: URL

My keitai number is ::phone number:: if you wish to contact me immediately. I gave you a call on your keitai earlier this evening.

Have fun.

So I wrote back and said that I had actually gone to that exhibit. It took him 3 or so days to reply. Just his response alone has made me lose any interest I [never] had. It's such a loserly thing to say.

Sorry I didn't reply to your message sooner. I was bummed. Haha.

6/5 sounds good. I may be out of the country or preparing to go, so I don't know yet.

See ya.

WTF? You were bummed? Get over yourself! We don't even know each other. Besides, you don't tell someone you hardly know that you were "bummed" that something didn't work out. You brush it off and say, "Well, I ended up being busy that weekend anyway," or something polite like that. Trying [and failing in this case because I have no feelings] to make the other person feel bad is just shitty. What a dick. And what was up with the "haha," anyway?

Please, dear Lord in Heaven, PLEASE let me meet somebody SANE. Let somebody strange in a GOOD way be interested in me. I keep picking up these crazies and it's really depressing. I mean, no, physically I'm not a catch, but I think my personality's pretty cool (although this place brings out the absolutely worst in me). I'm a little controlling and stressed, but part of that is my anxiety. The meds I'm taking for it aren't enough, I've come to think.

Well, this shitty day is over. I'm going to make a great big bowl of soup for myself and just try to relax for what's left of the evening.

P.S. Bought some earrings when I went shopping with Ashley before meeting Michelle. They are silver and have little panes of pink glass in between. They are adorable and totally make my day whenever I wear them. Yay!

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