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Phone Bills and Other Bullshit

I knew it would probably be bad, because the people who work at NTT West hate me, but come on, at $900 phone bill? Nearly $1000 for one month? Needless to say, I'm still kind of in a state of shock. I emailed the Jens SpinNet people today, asking them to talk some sense into the heads of the NTT people, but I dunno if I'm gonna get out of this one. I mean, I've already had one problem with those NTT assholes, so I doubt they're gonna be kind to me this time (I mean, they screwed me over last time, so why should this time be any different?)

I really hate this country sometimes.

As usual, when I went to the store, they had stopped selling the thing I wanted. No onigiri today. Why? Just because. It wasn't there. Poor baby. Go find some shit and eat it. See if we care.

So I went to the grocery store after work today, and I decided that I deserved a little treat for surviving this horrible week. Looked at a couple of small single-portion containers (no, for real, these are made for one person--if not more--unlike those huge American pints) of ice cream and none of them had that little nutritional info box on them (there's no law here requiring that they inform you of how much shit's in everything, although they did pass a law last month, saying that all prices MUST include tax--this country REALLY NEEDS to get its priorities straightened out). So I skipped on the ice cream.

I can't believe I just considered cutting myself for a moment there. I'm so tired of getting fucked over. I just want it to stop. Just fucking leave me alone already.

I haven't cried in a really long time. And even when I want to cry, the tears just won't come out. I wonder why.

Good thing happened today, though (would have made my day, if my day weren't SO COMPLETELY sucky): I was looking at cake and pudding mixes at the grocery store and this 3-million-year-old lady comes up next to me and starts looking at the sesame powder beside the mixes (きな粉). She takes one off the shelf (it took her about 5 minutes to do so) and slowly (I mean REALLY SLOWLY) turned to me and asked if what she was holding was sesame powder or not. I told her that it was. She didn't even notice that I was a foreigner. It was great. Then she started asking me about some other thing that I had never heard of and I just said, "Oh, I don't know if they have it or not." Then she pulled down a different package of sesame powder and put the other one back (another 10 minutes) and explained to me for quite some time that the second one she had picked out was much higher in quality and flavor and that it was the kind she'd used for as long as she could remember (not that that could have been more than about 2 minutes, but still). She was SO cute. She came up to my waist, and I had to bend down to hear her (she could barely get her voice out). Finally, she wandered off, mumbling to herself. It was nice, though, being treated like a human being, and not like a foreign moron.

I was human for those 15 minutes (okay, so it was more like 5 minutes, but still). It was great.

Found out that Tsu never harped on Rob, even though he never worked when he was here. Seems that I'm getting picked on BECAUSE I'M A WOMAN. That really pisses me off. I don't think of myself as being "female" or even "gendered." So the idea that somebody else would have the nerve to judge me is really conceited on their part. Who the hell does he think he is, that he can lump me into some category and try to pull shit on me? I've already decided that the next time he tries to get me to do something by going through Carolyn and basically yelling at her, I'm going to go to him directly and tell him to be an adult about it. Stop trying to use gossip to get me to do what you want me to do. I DON'T do what he asks because he never asks me directly. The only time he's EVER said anything to my face was when Carolyn was sitting right there, and he mostly aimed it at her. And he did the whole thing in Japanese, like I wouldn't understand it and would need to ask Carolyn later what had been said. What an asshole. What a complete asshole. He's an ass-ripper, a shit-juice-drinker. He's a mother-humping cow-chip-chewer. And I hate him.

I haven't hated anybody in years. Literally. There are people who've gotten under my skin a little, but never enough for me to hate them. I don't even hate Jana, in spite of the shit she did to me. But I DO hate Tsu.

I've had such a crummy day today. I just want all the bad things to go away. Just disappear. Please.


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May. 28th, 2004 06:31 am (UTC)
a $900 phone bill? Who were you calling?!?!

And would you like me to beat up this awful sexist bastard?
May. 28th, 2004 09:20 pm (UTC)
I wasn't calling anybody: it was because I left my phone hooked up to the internet for most of last month. The thing is, though, that I have a dial-up service, not connected to my phone service, so they shouldn't be charging me for my internet access like I've been making a perpetual local call for nearly 30 days. Just another example of why these people make me scream sometimes. ::sigh::

Yeah, if you could beat him up for me and run off, that would SO make my year. ^_^ I feel the love. Thanx, J.

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