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Proud of M'self

Btw, I just got off the phone after having a long conversation, all in Japanese, in which I took down this lady's info and did all this polite shit about taking a memo for her and stuff.

Sometimes, I rule.

Other times I suck big ones, but sometimes I rule.

Kuwashiro-san from the personnel office phoned and asked if I'd tell this lady what Dellming-sensei's schedule was. So I waited on the phone forever and nobody said anything and finally a small voice said, "Moshi-moshi," and I replied and we both laughed and apologized for not saying anything. Then she asked what D's schedule was for tomorrow and I told her and she explained that she needed to take his pictures and didn't know how to reach him, so she asked if I could take a message for her and I said yes and I got all the info right (although I missed what her name was), and I rock. All in Japanese. Really bad Japanese, but Japanese all the same.

I am a retarded butt, but at least I can communicate in Japanese sometimes.

Oooooh, I'm so proud of my stupid self. ^_^

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