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Lonely in AIM-land....

Because I'm having trouble sorting this dial-up phone bill thingy out, I'm not going to be able to log onto AIM for a while.

Just to let everybody know why I haven't been online lately.

Looks like I'm going to have to pay off this phone bill. Another reason I hate this place sometimes: the customer is NEVER right. EVER. The customer takes the hit. No wonder people go crazy when they start living in the States. Not only is everything dirt cheap there (gas here is about $4 per gallon), but the customer is always right (unless you're me and Gateway raped you while you weren't looking, of course).

It's all about money. I hate money. I don't want it, I hate spending it, and I hate how people get so insane when you start talking about it. I hate gold-diggers and money-grabbers. I hate slaves to the all-holy American dollar. I don't want much. I'm not a particularly greedy person. But I hate how people try so desperately to suck the little money I have out of me. Do they really need to steal my meager funds? I just wish the world would leave me alone. No wonder Thoreau went to Walden. Just to get away from desperate people lusting after the money of others.

If I pay you, will you leave me be?

I doubt it. They always come back for more.

What I hate most is that my time is transferred into money. So what they're really stealing is my time. My life. I would rather have time than money. It's like a clock full of blood and they keep pushing the hands forward, faster, faster, making the blood spill out the bottom so they can wash themselves in it and be happy for a brief moment. Bathing themselves in my time.

Time juice.

Money is time juice.

I always hated juice boxes when I was a kid 'cuz there was never much in them and you could never get all the juice out, anyway.

I should start selling boxes of Abby's Time Juice. But then, wouldn't that be the same as selling money?

The rainy season started yesterday. I was supposed to go up this mountain and see some ascetic Buddhist monks yesterday, but I had too much to do, and it was supposed to rain. Turned out to be a fucking gorgeous day. A little warm for my taste, but fabulous all the same. The clouds were blue and gray and white miracles in the sun and they were EVERYWHERE. The sky was liquid blue. It looked like I could swim in it. And where was I? What was I doing?

My taxes.

I think I did them wrong, 'cuz it turned out that I owe the government something like $869, which can't be right, since my income is from a foreign source. Looks like I'll have to do them again today.

Better get to it.

P.S. On Saturday night, I hung out with Dan, Sara, and Toshimitsu until around 3am. Sara called at 11pm and I went over to her place to hang out. We drank chu-hi and talked for awhile and then we started playing Momo Dentetsu (Peach Railways). It's like Monopoly, only you're these little trains and you go all over Japan, buying up places and racing to get to certain cities. It was a lot of fun ('cuz I won). ^_^ Beginner's luck. Bone-kun (Kara says he seems into me, but I dunno) dropped off the manga he had told me about at Un-hi and Derrick's Korean food party forever ago. I took it home and started reading it yesterday and it's really good (and easy to read). It's called "Hana no Keiji," as I recall. It's kinda like Japanese history meets Kabuki meets Fist of the North Star. It's kinda weird, but there's a blonde chick in there somewhere (I flipped through one of the books and saw a blonde girl that Keiji was trying to mac on--is Bone-kun hinting at something?) which seemed pretty cool. In the last part I read, some guy chopped off his own head with a sword. Not that that's possible (especially 'cuz he was talking the whole time), but still, it made for a pretty cool scene. We'll see how the rest of the series is.


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Jun. 8th, 2004 10:40 pm (UTC)
Have you ever watched any episodes from the Witch Hunter Robin series? It's pretty amazing stuff. Jin-Roh is another one of my favorites.
Jun. 8th, 2004 11:49 pm (UTC)
I've actually never seen Witch Hunter Robin, although I saw a poster for it and the character design was completely kick-ass. I'd like to see it sometime, though.

I saw Jin-Roh for sale at Target over winter break while I was home, and I seriously thought about buying it, but I figured I'd better rent it first and see if I like it. Is it a series or an OVA or what? I couldn't tell from the packaging.
Jun. 9th, 2004 05:20 am (UTC)
Jin-Roh is pretty unique -- it's essentially the story of little red riding hood retold through a neo-modern japan and an elite special forces team during a revolt. Trust me. It's interesting. :)
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