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It started out pretty good. It was bright and sunny outside, which meant that I could bike to work, and it was eerily cool, which meant I probably wouldn't break a sweat if I headed to work early enough. Which is a good thing, 'cuz I hate being all sweaty while I'm trying to teach. I got to school in plenty of time, checked my name on the board that says which teachers are present at school (I usually don't have time to, but it doesn't matter much, since many teachers never bother at all), and was able to cool down completely in the comfort of the air-conditioned English department room. I had my books in order and everything was great.

My first two classes today were boring, but I got through them. Then things started to go bad. I biked to the post office (they told me at the convenience store that I had to pay the whole balance of the evil phone bill, but if I went to a bank or the post office, I could pay just part of it) and jammed my thumb in the loop lock of my bike. I was going to trim my nails this afternoon, since they're getting too long, but that took care of it. It snapped my thumbnail in half, just below the growth line, and cracked it along the side. It's too close to the nail bed to just rip it off (which I normally do--my nails are like jokes that grow out of the ends of my fingers) and the nail itself is surprisingly sturdy (my nails have the consistency of carbon paper), so ripping it off would be hard. So that sucked.

On the way to the post office, I actually passed Junko, who remembered me. We were going in opposite directions, though, so I figured she'd forget about me. Then the front of my bike fell into a ditch. Daaaaaaaammit.

So, anyway, back at the post office, I went in and explained my situation to the guy inside and he said that I had to pay the whole balance. The only way I could possibly get them to let me only pay part was if I called the phone company and talked to them (yeah, right).

I could feel my new anus starting to bleed. Rip. Rip.

So I calmly walked outside and had a little hissy-fit. Almost smushed a woman with my bike as I pulled away from the post office. I biked back to Lawson's to pick up some lunch, and Junko was standing in the doorway, talking to the retired music teacher at KGHS. I felt so bad: I haven't seen her since November, and I was going to leave her a present and a card to let her know I was okay, but I just kept putting it off. She was totally good about it, though, and probably didn't realize how much time has passed since I had lunch at her house. She had forgotten that I was from Nashville, that I had graduated from what used to be Peabody Demonstration School, so that was good. ^_^ I explained why I hadn't been to church in a while, and she said I should come over to her house and visit her. We exchanged phone numbers. She really is a cool lady. She's nearly Gramps' age, I think, so the fact that she was walking to Lawson's was really impressive (the last time I saw her, she was biking everywhere because she couldn't walk for long--as in 5 minute--periods of time). She has one of those escalator-chair thingies that Gramps and Grandma used to use (I don't think Grandma goes out of the house anymore, except to go to the hospital).

So, anyway, I felt bad about not having contacted her, but it was good to see her and I was glad that she had forgotten most things about me.

I got back to school and had an early lunch and then taught my dreaded 2B class. They were wonderful today. Yeah, they talked during the reading period, and Takebayashi kept having seizures in the corner because he's an asshole, and Kamimura was playing his usual "dumb loaf" card, but after a while they calmed down and were quiet. And after I gave them a brief lesson, they asked me so many questions about how to write an address American-style, which was great. I think they asked for me more than they did for Masa. ::glowing::

Now I have two more sections of 1st years to teach. The students are great for the most part, but the lessons are tiring and I despise the guy I work with (Tsu). Later I'll have to talk about what an oozing anus he was yesterday (and today, to Carolyn) and about the crazy teachers' meeting yesterday.

Quick note before I go: I've noticed a lot of resistance to my losing weight. At first, people were all, "Oh, you don't need to lose weight. You're fine just how you are," and I had to explain that I wasn't particularly fat, but that I was uncomfortable at the weight I was. I had trouble bending over and tying my shoes because I was too thick around the middle. Then people started harping on the fact that I was dieting. Then people have started trying to fatten me up. Most of the heat has come from Carolyn, sadly enough, although I don't think it's intentional or that she's even conscious of it. She's always pushing food on me. The other day, she bought a package of cream buns and prefaced giving me one by saying, "I know you're on a diet, but I'm sure you can make an exception just this once." And I did, because it fit into my diet just fine. But I still felt like she was trying to beef me up.

Ooh, the bell just rang. Gotta go.


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Jun. 9th, 2004 12:53 am (UTC)
Sometimes people with eating disorders try to fatten other people up. They feel like they're being good if someone else is being bad. Could this explain Carolyn's weirdness?

Tsu needs to go fuck himself. Painfully.
Jun. 9th, 2004 06:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think that's part of it. I don't think she has a real eating disorder--she eats fine and I doubt she throws it up--but she does have issues with her own body.

Amen to that last part. One of the things I hate most in other people (and sometimes in myself) is pettiness. I wish people would just get over things/themselves. Sigh. In a perfect world....
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