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More adult angst

So Carolyn skipped the meeting yesterday 'cuz she had work to do and 'cuz Sumita 部長 had told her she didn't need to go (he told me, too but whatevah). So today she went to ask Tsu something and he totally gave her the cold shoulder. Seems he was mad about her not going to the meeting. The meeting, of course, went an hour past when it was supposed to and ended around 6:35. Nearly 3 hours of EVERYBODY giving their opinion on the stupid system they have here for "tracking" students into certain areas of study. One teacher--dunno his name--was livid at the meeting. He kept yelling at the 部長 and 副部長, saying he didn't want to talk about it and he didn't want them putting words in his mouth (the poor man is in charge of class 2C, which is actually worse than 2B, amazingly enough). I felt bad for him. He kept glaring at me during the last part of the meeting, which was kind of weird. Maybe he just happened to be looking in my direction (I think he was just glaring 'cuz he was pissed).

Carolyn was talking about Tsu with Tsukamoto-sensei this past Saturday and it turns out that she had told him about how Sumita 部長 and everybody else had told us that we didn't need to go to the meeting. He knew about it all along, and yet he acted like it was complete news to him when we tried to explain. It isn't lying, since he didn't say anything that wasn't true, but it is lying, in a way. There's no good word to explain it in English (or Japanese, that I know of). I guess the best way to describe it would be "acting."

I wonder: if one language has more words and descriptors for crimes, sins, bad things, etc., does it mean that the culture that language emerged from was more morally delinquent than most, or more morally conscious?

Anyway, that aside, Tsu is a real bastard for trying to "get us in trouble" when we hadn't done anything wrong. At the meeting, he sat right beside me like he always does. I need to start coming to the meetings late and sitting waaaaay far away from him. Just having him near me makes my skin crawl.

New (okay, it's old, but anywho) tangent: I knew people would feel threatened if I tried losing weight, but I didn't expect it to come from Carolyn. Recently, she's started eating less and she looks like she's lost some weight herself (weight that she desperately does not need to lose). She came in wearing an outfit the other day that her mom had sent her; it was a size M and she was "swimming in it" (quoting her). And she was. It looked ginormous. Kawai-sensei has started trying to feed me, too, but it's not as bad as it is with Carolyn. Kawai-sensei just seems to like giving away food. She even gives part of her lunch to one of her students 'cuz he bugs her for food all the time.

Every other day for the past week, I've woken up with a new bug bite. Boo. I hate bugs. Especially carnivorous ones. They sprayed for centipedes a few weeks ago, but I just know my bed is probably crawling with them. I can just see them crawling all over my body, biting the crap out of me. Damn bugs. I even bought a bug-killing poison thingy, but I think I need another one for my bedroom.

During the meeting last afternoon/evening, I got quite a bit of drawing done, and I even came up with a new character for my new series. I finally came up with a name: TASWAN (it stands for "That Assassin Series Without A Name"). I knew I'd end up calling it that eventually. I'm normally so good with titles, but that one just escaped me. Oh, well. The character actually looks like Leona, same hair and height. And I gave her an A-line skirt, 'cuz Leo always wears A-line skirts. It's brown and lined with white fur. As is the matching hoodie. She has mid-calf-length brown leather boots and a sword that's almost as long as she is tall. She looks wicked-cool when she wields it. She actually uses magic to help her bear that much weight. She's not really trained in magic, but she has passive magic abilities and can influence or enhance her own characteristics. Since it's based on Leo, I need to ask her to name her own character. I just can't think of a good name. It has to start with an L, and it can't have x's in it (names with x's are too common in things like this) or apostrophes (those are too common, too). The main character's name is Sebry, her hair-dresser friend with a shady past is this fat guy named Zeg, and there's a ding-y character who follows her around whose name starts with a C (haven't figured out the rest of the name yet). She has flowers in her hair and likes to "accessorize." She's the token flake. She's a magic user. But I probably shouldn't go into more detail about the story than that. Don't want to ruin everything. ^_^

Blech, better get going. Have so much stuff to do and it's already 4:35. It's like that bumper sticker: "God gives us a certain number of things to do in this life. Right now, I'm so far behind that I'll never die."


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Jun. 9th, 2004 04:05 pm (UTC)
so cool!!
You made a character like me! I read that this morning, and I was so tickled. It was a great bday present. Yes, today I turned the ripe old age of 22. Your new character does sound super-cool. For some reason, the name "Layna" sticks in my head to call her; if that doesn't work, you can call her whatever you'd like, or I can try to think of something else. You should put some more pictures up on here when you get a chance.
Have a good day!!

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