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A jumble of events

This weekend was sort of weird. Like I was living it through a translucent balloon.

Per usual, I can't remember much of what happened except for the big stuff.

Worked pretty late (until about 6:30 or so) on Friday, which sucked 'cuz I had finished teaching around 11:45. Got home and had a simple dinner and downed 4 of those super enormous スーパーチューハイ. Got mildly intoxicated (damn I needed that). Played around on my computer for a while, watched "Return to Me" (that movie always makes me cry, especially when I've been drinking). I always get all, "Boo-hoo, poor me, I don't have a boyfriend and I want one really badly 'cuz I'm slightly tired of being single." At the same time (when I'm sober), there are parts of being single that I like, so I can't really complain. Besides, if I got into a relationship now, what would happen to it when I left for grad school? I've done the long distance thing before, and although I had no problems with it, it screwed me over, so I don't particularly want to go there again.

Got up, cleaned random stuff (put away all my clean laundry and rearranged the clothes in my wardrobe, storing my winter stuff--*shocking!*), played more Diablo II. Started drawing around 5pm or so and ended up with this awesome picture (I'll post it later). It's another single of Sebry and it looks nothing like her, and the face is all wrong and badly done, but it still looks cool. I just wish my drawing style was CONSISTENT sometimes. Drawing in the hashmarks for the hair took about and hour and a half, but they look fabulous.

I kept wondering why nobody had called me about going out, but I figured they'd call eventually, so I just kept drawing (and the time really flew, me drinking and drawing and singing my heart out along with Live). At around 10:40, there was a knock on my door. Dan and Sara were standing there in yukata (well, I dunno what the guy-version of a yukata is called, but anyway) and I realized that I had totally forgotten about the party. I said as much and Dan was like, "It's on your door and everything!" Sure enough, I had posted it on my door so I wouldn't forget. (Me and my stellar memory at work again!) They headed back downstairs and I put on some make-up, put my hair in a ponytail, put on some earrings, and went downstairs (after finishing off my chu-hai). I opened the door and Bone-kun was standing there. ^_^ I thanked him for lending me the comics and we talked about them for a few minutes and I asked if he was heading home already (seeing as I was about 2 hours late for the start of the party) and he said that he was on his way out for a cigarette break, so I let him go. Talked with Dan for a few seconds, then headed for the kitchen to mix up something for m'self. Shinya was there and he and I talked for a bit. He finally found a job at this independent trading company that sounds a bit shady to me. Talked with Steve and Caleb (Koichi was there, but he was being his usual self--never talks to anybody, I swear) and mixed up some rum (okay, a lot of rum--Bacardi) with cranberry juice. I think I ended up making another one or two more of those, which was a bad idea (rum tends to make me a little queasy the next day 'cuz of the sugar in it). Although, they didn't have any vodka (my baby!) so I don't know what else I could hav done.

Turns out Cliff was there, which was kind of strange. I was talking with Eriko (I swear, I was stuck in that kitchen for about 4 hours) when suddenly Cliff came up and shook my hand and said he was leaving (when I first came in the door, Dan said I should talk to Cliff--he was supposed to be in Spain, but he just turned up at the party, to everyone's surprise--but I never made it that far). I said he should email me when he gets back from Spain--he seemed peeved, like I had slighted him or something 'cuz I went to that exhibit without him. Whatever. I don't give a shit if he has a problem. Go...sulk somewhere else.

Anyway, Eriko and I talked about him after he left and we both called him an "Otaku" at the same time, which was priceless (especially since the rum was starting to kick in). Bone-kun came into the kitchen and asked me about making a webpage (he wants to make a site of his own music and stuff), so I told him what I knew, what site I had used, and offered to teach him what little html I know. Toshimitsu came into the kitchen then and I talked with him for a while and found out that he has an lj. (I'm adding him to my friends list! Yay, Toshimitsu!!!) He says he only has one lj friend, so he doesn't get any comments or anything. ;_; That's so sad! ::sniffsniff::

Finally made it out of the kitchen just as most people were going home. Talked with Shinya forever about how hard it is to find a boyfriend here. Kara harassed me a bit, winking about you-know-who and asking if he'd gotten my number yet. I was like, "No, he hasn't and he probably won't because you're seeing things that aren't there [insert sigh]." Bone-kun sat with us for a bit, but I can't remember what we talked about. He left earlier than I thought he would. Shinya was staying the night at Sara's (he kept oo-ing and aw-ing over how great it was that he'd be able to sleep in a real bed that night), so he didn't have to worry about getting home. There were about 8 or so of us left and we were dancing to random songs (Sara had just run upstairs to get a Beastie Boys album for us to dance to) when the door flew open and Evil Jeff (not Oxford Jeff) with a Terrible Face screamed at us, "PEople can FUcking HEAR you!!!" and slammed the door shut again. Well, that killed the party spirit. Dan laughed it off, but you could tell that everybody was a little shaken by it. It was freaking scary. (I wonder how long he fumed in his room before coming over and making an ass of himself.) Kara had never met him before, so she was like, "Oooooh, THAT'S who Jeff is, huh?" which was great. ^_^ I was like, "Yeah, you haven't missed much." I asked when he'd be leaving and Dan said, "Not soon enough." Turns out he's leaving in July. もう少し....

Sara brought down her Beastie Boys and we danced to a few songs, but the party was basically over. Left around 4am. (Dan told us to watch out for the ogre on our way home.) ^_^ Took a shower and was ready to hop in bed at 4:30am and IT WAS ALREADY GETTING LIGHT OUTSIDE. I HATE going to bed after the sun has started coming up. It makes me feel all gross. (Like that one time Nina and I talked until 6:30 in the morning and I got pissed, thinking some asshole was shining a light into my window--which was a common problem, actually, since I was on the ground floor right outside a parking lot.) Got up at 11am to call the fam and still had alcohol in my system. Was a little wobbly getting to the bathroom. Slightly nauseated, but not that bad. Slight headache, but nothing 3 million aspirin couldn't handle. All-in-all, pretty good considering how much rum I had had the night (read: a few hours) before.

Called the fam and did laundry and got groceries and rested on Sunday. Admired my drawing and thought about what background to give it. Decided on a black and white spiral (it goes with the hair).

Well, it's my half-day, so I'd better get home before somebody sees me and gives me work.


Jun. 13th, 2004 10:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Yukata Party
Thank you sooooo much for leaving a comment for me. I have two frinends now. Anyway, the party was fun until Jeff came in and yelled at us. I feel sorry for Dan though. ちゃんと定期的にブログ書くから見てや。最近全然書いてなかったけんね。ではでは

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