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There's a monster-ass typhoon headed this way. It's going to make a direct hit on Kansai (Hyogo Prefecture, especially) this afternoon. It's already killed three people and two more are missing (old vocab word: 行方不明!)--probably got swept out to sea--around Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands. I read the weather report in English and it forecasted thunderstorms for this morning and SQUALLS for this afternoon. It actually said "Squalls." I thought a squall was something that happened over water. I'm in the mountains, so I won't get swept off the face of the country, but it could be tough trying to get home.

Squalls. What a great word (except when you're in one).

It'll probably be worse than when that typhoon went through Tokyo and the weather was wicked-bad in Kyoto. It wasn't even near Kyoto and I still got blown down the street (and it destroyed my umbrella) and I was soaked to the bone. I'm biking home; this should be exciting!

Got to school this morning and Julia (I totally mentally farted on what her last name is just now) said that school was cancelled. Gee, thanks for the phone call Kawai-sensei. Tsu isn't here (which is good and bad). Good because I don't have to deal with him. Bad because he won't know that I schlepped my way here in spite of impending doom. No brownie points for me.

Better get going before the storm hits.

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