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Blown Away

I left before the real storm hit and it still managed to nearly kill me. Biking with an umbrella in one hand is dangerous enough (especially on these tiny streets), but doing it in the face of an oncoming typhoon is suicide. I was sopping wet from the waist down in spite of the umbrella (I would have just biked in the rain, but I wouldn't have been able to see with that much water splashing on my face) and you couldn't tell my pants were grey (they looked more black than grey). When I finally made it home, my pants were plastered to my legs and I had the worst wedgie. Changed into some dry clothes and played Wind Waker while the storm raged outside. The trees were all bent over sideways and I could barely see out the window for all the rain. I took frequent "Let's see how bad the weather is...now!" breaks.

Stopped playing at about 3pm--per "the plan"--and started drawing. Drew a kick-ass picture of Layna (although the proportions are BEYOND WRONG and she looks kinda freaky, especially in the neck 'cuz the fur makes it look abnormally long, and in the legs 'cuz the skirt makes her calves look too short and weird). And the eyes are a little off-center. Well, one of them is. And the inking is awful (although the pencilwork was beautiful). BUT OTHER THAN THAT, it's kick-ass. ^_^ (I'll post it later.)

Here's a photo I took of the stuff I drew during that teachers' meeting two weeks ago. The first thing is a sketch of Layna.

These are a study of the proportion of the characters. The actual drawing is reeeeeeally small, that's why this is so fuzzy.

This is a pic I drew of a potential bad guy (yes, that's a Noh mask s/he's wearing and I haven't decided the gender yet, in spite of the boobs) during an 英判 meeting a few months ago. I was bored and this drawing just came out while everybody else was arguing over who to pass or not pass. I just took a pen and drew it, that's why the lines are screwed up in places.

Today was the day that Komura-sensei wanted to take me out to lunch. I was really dreading it--having lunch with a guy I didn't want to talk to, eating food I didn't want to eat, using time I didn't have (these were the thoughts running through my head on my way over to ポプラ)--but it turned out to be really nice. Yeah, I could have eaten something less fattening, alone, and gotten a lot of work done, but it let me skip ESS, which made it worth it. And Komura-sensei turned out to be okay today. Sometimes he has these senior citizen moments (listen to me, after all the things I wrote yesterday about seeing beyond the age), and he is infamous for droning on and on, but we actually had a very pleasant conversation (and the food was great--I need to go for the 和風ランチ every time--miso soup, rice with salmon-crumb-thingies and seaweed on top (振り掛けみたいな物), this huge thingy of tempura, reeeeeeeeally good sashimi (I ate it all except the squid--I don't eat squid 'cuz I chew and chew and it never goes away--I hate that), and some weird tofu-roll thingy with unidentifiable stuff inside that I vaguely recall trying once and greatly disliking, so I left it). Then we had this traditional Chinese dessert that's some sort of jelly with azuki beans and lemon peel--it's wicked good--and coffee and two types of tea.

K-sensei told me that according to the Japanese standard of beauty, I'm as beautiful as you can get. White skin, blonde hair, blue eyes (well, they've been green lately, although they were nearly midnight blue yesterday during the storm--usually they're grey), super-tall. I thanked him, but I felt a little weird. And he said that since I like to be alone all the time and it doesn't bother me, he really respects and admires me for that. He said that even when we socialize, we are all really alone. And when we face God, we all have to do it alone. Which is true. It's like that line in Donnie Darko (which I quoted to K-sensei): "Everyone dies alone." I had to agree with him. He said it's harder for social people to realize that they're really alone and to live with loneliness and not let it get to them. The fact that being lonely doesn't bother me much is really impressive (so he said). I disagree, though, since that's just my personality. It's not what we're born with that's impressive; it's what we do with what little we have. It was funny: during the whole conversation, he kept pointing out ways that we were similar, but they are all things he's found in his own mind. They aren't always true. He commented on my liking that story that Tsu ripped from the internet about "the boy under the tree." Actually, I was the one person who was against putting that story on the exam. But I guess that's not really important.

As we left ポプラ, we saw some lizards, but none as cute as my Ya-chan. I told Komura-sensei about the yamori in my apartment and he said that they are "bringers of good fortune." They're also sometimes called "house guardians." Yay for me! I have a house guardian! And he's bringing me good fortune! Or he will! Right?!

Gotta go teach the last class of the day. Hardly got any work done 'cuz of the lunch thing, but it's all good. Have a teachers' meeting this afternoon (more drawing time!)

Show me the way to go home ::ba-dum-dum::
I'm tired and I wanna go to bed
'Cuz I had a little drink about an hour ago
And it got right to my head

Wherever I may roam
O'er land or sea or foam (?)
You will always hear me singin' this song
Show me the way to go home

(I think the words are wrong, but it's been so long since I've seen Jaws that I can't remember how it goes.)


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Jun. 22nd, 2004 09:48 pm (UTC)
Whoa.........the first paragraph of this post should be made into a movie, i was on the edge of my fucking seat.

and you're an amazing artist, i totally want to like... work on a comic together or something
Jun. 22nd, 2004 11:50 pm (UTC)
Tee hee! I was on the edge of my seat, too. I thought I was going to die in a wreck of cheaply-painted aluminum and umbrella spokes.

We should totally do a comic!

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