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By the hand of Fate

I totally rediscovered Yui Toshiki's work last night. The man is a marvel at combining CG and pen & ink. And the fact that he's made some really sweet H-manga doesn't hurt things. Kept me up for a fabulous hour waaaay past my normal bedtime. I've been yawning all day. ("Damn you, Toshiki!")

That reminds me, the movie Deep Blue Sea was on TV this past weekend and I watched it for want of something better to see. The science in it is totally wrong, and the people who wrote it obviously know nothing about sharks (I've watched Shark Week religiously since it first came out in the early 80's), but it has some of the funniest lines. I totally missed this great one the first time I saw it. The four people who've managed to survive thus far are in this girl's room, looking for equiment to help them continue to stay alive. This guy grabs a dead flashlight and says, "Nora (?) was a healthy girl; SOMETHING in here's got to run on batteries." Got a kick out of that. Especially since mine doesn't need batteries. Mwa-ha-haaaa!

One of my students told me today that he's a huge hide fan. Just thought Nob'd like to hear that. Another said he was a fan of D12 (I didn't realize anybody here even knew who D12 was), and some other kid said he liked Green Day (eep!) Several other kids said they were huge Avril Lavigne (sp?) fans, which was ironic, since they couldn't pronounce her name at all. The first time I heard a kid say it today, it sounded more like "Abu Reeeeeeeru Laaaaa Bean." I was like, "Who the fuck is that?" And he prefaced it by saying, "The United Kingdom's...." Canada would be thrilled. I was stumped for about 10 seconds.

Some guy in this seriously hopped-up car nitro'd past me yesterday morning. Seriously. He could barely control his car and JUST missed crashing head-on into an SUV (although what an SUV and a car with nitro were doing in this country in the first place is a bit beyond me). And he was headed for school. What, like he needed to get there that badly?

Saw another car that was freaking hideous. (Hmm...the first four letters in "hideous" spell....::ow ow ow ow:: ::Nob wipes the walls with me::) It was a semi-SUV, all white, with a Louis Vuitton (sp?) interior. I didn't even know they MADE something like that. Even the inside of the door was black silk cloth with the brightly-colored LV trademark all over it. Gross. Absolutely gross. The guy driving it had the pitch-black-tinted windows rolled down and was blaring hiphop music (well, for Japan it was blaring). One ear was full of rhinestones and he had the "Nelly" look going on (but it doesn't quite work if you're a tiny Japanese college student with more "money than sense"--like I always say).

I wish I could post more pics, but I haven't had time to take any more. (I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED a scanner. It would save me SO much trouble later on. I auto-contrast the pics I plan on shading, but it can only do so much, especially since there's always a shadow.)

Can't think of anything to write. Weird. I'm under so much stress right now, which is probably why I can't get my brain to work. I just want to go home and veg. But first, I'd like to hit the grocery store (I have NO food). ::grumblegrumblegrumble:: I'm so hungry. Fooooooooooooood. I need fooooooooooood. And my medication doesn't help things at all. The fact that I'm never full is really awful. I can eat until I'm in agonizing pain and I STILL feel like there's an abyss in my belly.

I need to find that essay I wrote for fun about why Japanese girls have such bad fashion taste. I was gonna type it in here today, but I can't find it. Bet it's at home on the dining table. Only 30 more minutes and I can go home.



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Jun. 23rd, 2004 02:05 am (UTC)
Do you know how much it fucks with my head when you post about someone named 'Toshiki'?
Thanks for posting about the hide kid. I appreciate it. ;) And I totally can't pronounce the word 'hide' in English anymore.
'Hey, want to play hee-day and seek?'
Jun. 23rd, 2004 08:40 pm (UTC)
Mwa-ha-ha-haaaa! ::fucks with Nob's head::

Yeah, thought you'd like hearing that there are still fans on this side of the Pacific, even 15-year-old-ones. Hope still lives.

I know what you mean about the word "hide." I have the worst time with that and "sake." If I see it in a book, I'm like, "What does 'for goodness sah-keh' mean?" I'm so confused. ^_^
Jun. 23rd, 2004 04:43 am (UTC)
I think I'm still stuck on the SUV with LV interior o.O
Jun. 23rd, 2004 08:42 pm (UTC)
Isn't it crazy? Japanese people will do anything for name-brand stuff. ^_^
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