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So Little To Say, So Much Time

Wait. Reverse that. Okay, let's go. (I love Willy Wonka.)

This morning I waded through the spiderwebs like I do every morning. It's gross and annoying and I just KNOW I'm covered in the spiders that made them. There's also a spider living on my bike; he's always dangling under the basket, near the bike lock on the front wheel, right where my hand has to go to unlock my bike (that little bastard). I fend him off every morning and yet he still manages to be back on my bike and working on a web just in time for my next morning bike ride to school.

During the teachers' meeting on Tuesday, the 保険室 lady was sitting next to me and was pretending to not watch me draw all over my notebook. I was in one of my "can't draw for shit" moods and after drawing this horrible head shot, I scribbled it out. She gasped when I scratched it out, which was kind of flattering. Like she thought it was a shame I was destroying something so good. ::ego flare::

Will write later when I have more time (gotta talk about my steamy dream last night). ^_^

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