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All That Stuff I Was Gonna Talk About

Just got finished with the weekly meeting I have with three of my students from last year. We meet every Thursday for about an hour and discuss different topics of interest to them. It takes up a chunk of my time, but I always enjoy it; plus, it gets me out of doing other things. After the students had left (only Hoshida and Nakamura came today--Ishitaka was having some sort of mental breakdown, so they said), Nishimuro-sensei started teasing me about it. He said, "I bet they all like you." I was like, "No; I doubt it." "No, that's how boys think--trust me." "Nah, they don't think that. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part." He laughed.

But maybe he's right. Maybe I just finished another weekly meeting of the "Shelton-Sensei Fan Club." Who's the leader of the club that centers around me? A-B-B, Y-S-H, E-L-T-O-N!

Cool Shirt of the Day #1:

Two Directions
Chaotic World

Cool Bumper-Sticker of the Day:

Drifting is not a crime

Cool Shirt of the Day #2:

Too much medicine breeds contempt

Cool Shirt of the Day #3:

Moving your body is exercise

I've realized that if you tell a child something at an early enough age, it's very possible that they'll believe it their whole life. No matter what they hear later on, their thoughts will still be controlled by that simple indoctrination. Take the same person, but tell them the same thing later in life, and they won't listen to a thing you say. Which is better, I wonder? Believing something wrong because of circumstance, or not believing something right? You're damned either way, but isn't there some sort of comparison that can be made? I think American society (how sad that I now have to specify which society I mean) tends to lean toward the latter. But can never believing in anything be good? Where's the hope and promise in that? Why would a society that lies to its children about Santa Claus feel contempt for believers? Yet another shiny star sticker on the big list of hypocrisies in this world.

I've been insanely horny all day. I mean, I've had oral interviews (as in SPEAKING, people, SPEAKING) with a good portion of my first-years today, and I kept messing up my part of the dialogue they were supposed to remember 'cuz I was thinking about having sex. That dream last night really screwed me up. It must be getting close to "that time." Which explains why my dry spell let up two days ago and I had a really great dream last night and all I thought about all day was sex. (And it explains this weird craving I'm having for those wheat crackers with some sort of crumbly cheese spread that they sell at Lawson's.)

It's the right time of the month, but it means that I'll be having my period again after an absense of merely two weeks. My period used to be 5 days, start to finish. Two heavy days, three to finish flushing. That was it. Now, it's two-and-a-half weeks. WTF? When did this happen? (And what's with the perpetual yeast infection, anyway?) When did my body get this fucked up? I still have headaches instead of cramps, which is good, but my period used to take up 1/6 of my month; now it's 1/2 or more.

Aside from my great dream last night, I had this horrible dream that was kind of like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" meets Australia meets random crystals and a horseback-riding camp. (My dreams are seldom sane.) I was riding horses at this camp and the director said he wanted me to work there one day a week, which was tough on my schedule, but I was happy to do it, since I'd be getting paid to ride horses once a week, which I love to do (I haven't ridden a horse in about a year). Then this lady in a weird outfit pulls me into this elevator and we're trying not to get spotted 'cuz the Australian customs agents are trying to get us. There are wires everywhere and crystals growing on things and the elevator breaks and we have to sneak through this federal building and there are spotlights trying to find us and we crawl through this floor and there are bunkers everywhere and the body-people Australians are everywhere and I thought they were going to kill me and they get the lady and this pod version of her tries to find me and it's just horrible. ::shudder:: Well, it felt life-threatening at the time.

Ack, it's super-late. Better get home.

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