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Bugs...Good Bugs

There's a dragonfly with this lovely, almost sparkly, blue body with a black head and wings that flies beside me every morning when I bike by the rice fields on my way to school. He waits at the near end of the fields and flies alongside me until I pass them.

In the evenings, the fields are full of tiny frogs and you can hear them singing. One of my favorite parts of the day is listening to them while I bike by.

On days like today, however, when it's pouring outside, everything is wet and silent.

Came into school after picking up lunch and saw a beautiful moth about the size of my thumbnail resting on the wall just inside the entrance to the building, protected from the rain. He had brown wings with bright orange ends, and furry, bright orange legs and feelers. He was a tiny triangle of color on the wall, and I'm sure nobody else noticed him.

The snowball bushes are mostly in full bloom. I need to take a picture of them soon. They're prettiest when they're at half-bloom. They look like fireworks. An explosion of color at the edges, and a promise of color in the center.

I'm so sleepy, I could pass out. The couch in the English department room looks really tempting.

I bashed my knee into the coffee table in here yesterday, and although it didn't hurt at the time (I said "Ow" because it seemed like the right thing to say after such a terrible noise), my knee has since turned green all down the right side.

Well, better get back to work.

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