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I've been reading a couple of books lately about being a comic book artist in Japan, what sort of products are really good to have, how you should go about getting stuff published, etc., and I was really shocked (stupid Abby) to see that all the artists they interviewed used real paper for drawing. Yeah, I use special paper when I'm drawing actual comics, but not for single poses and stuff like that. Some of the artists even used really nice paper, which was kind of mind-blowing.

You mean other people don't steal cheap printer paper? Are you sure?

I've always used printer paper 'cuz it was all I had lying around. (Although fitting Japanese A4 paper on a standard American scanner is really annoying 'cuz you lose the bottom portion of the picture. Damn them for not having an international standard. Have to say, though, I've become quite a fan of B5. It's just the right size to make full drawings look busier than they really are, but it's not so small that you lose the level of possible detail.) ::has a geeky moment and swoons over B5 paper::

I've been going through my portfolio (I don't think there's a single sheet of paper in there that I actually ever purchased) and it's really interesting to see how my drawing technique has improved over time (practice doesn't make perfect, but it sure makes things better than they were). There are drawings in the front that I need to put in another folder (they're freaking embarrassing--why have I voluntarily shown them to people?!), partially because they're old and partially 'cuz they suck. A few weeks ago, I visited the crappy website I have up displaying my art, and I realized that everything in there is old. The newest thing in there was drawn over 3 years ago. THREE YEARS ago. Not that I've drawn much since then, but still.

It's kinda sad, though; I think I reached a drawing peak about a year ago. The stuff I've drawn since, for the most part, isn't as good. Of course, I was really depressed last year (I really should have checked into the hospital but didn't for some weird reason), which always makes me a better artist (although I can be difficult to be around, not that I'm around many people when I'm sick, since I tend to lock myself in my room and listen to drippy music). The most annoying thing about my art is that my drawing style changes so much in such a short time. There are artists who work on one thing for decades; if I don't finish it in 2 days, max, I can't continue it 'cuz my style has changed too much. It's like a different person working on it. I really want to finish that Genji Monogatari comic I did for that class at KCJS, but I know I can't draw that way anymore. Shame, though; even I think it's pretty good. Yeah, there are a few frames that are really bad, but I drew them in 5 minutes total (seriously--I had to hand it in in an hour, and not only were 1/3 of the frames still not drawn yet, but I hadn't even cut up the script). I'd like to go back and redraw the bad ones, finish the ones I didn't get to, use Photoshop to type in the script, and shade it. I could never publish it (who wants a comic about the missing part of Genji Monogatari?), but I'd like to do it for myself.

I also need to go back and find the drawings I did for that self-portrait that 1) doesn't look like me and 2) wasn't really finished. I should scan them back in and redo that pic, too. Actually, I need to redraw 3 of the 4 emotion elements (I sort of feel like I should redraw the crying one 'cuz it's such an obvious nod to Serial Experiments Lain, but I drew it that way in the first place 'cuz I liked the original pose so much).

So, yeah, here I am, obviously not drawing....yet again.


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Jul. 9th, 2004 06:00 pm (UTC)
Plus you are an amazing drawer. AHAHAHAHA. i meant...hum...artist. wait. im lost. im not sure if i called u a part of furniture or not. darn me not knowing how to spell.
but i love you!!!
*~*maureenie beanie baby*~*
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