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I want today to be over already. We have a meeting coming up at 5pm. Who the hell schedules a meeting to start at 5pm (and a SELHi meeting at that)? Everybody has a reason to skip out after the first hour...except me and the people holding the meeting.

Edagawa-sensei wanted to have a special meeting with me yesterday. I was kind of freaked out (has Tsu been talking about me behind my back? what are they gonna do, fire me or something?), like that feeling you get when your parents say they want to "talk." Turns out KG Senior High School wants me to stay an extra year beyond what I agreed to. I was tickled to say the least. I know it has more to do with SELHi and scheduling than anything else, but at least it shows that they recognize my hard work. If Tsu were still in charge of the English department, this never would have come up, but Edagawa-sensei isn't quite so narrownarrownarrow. It was just what I needed: a nice ego-boost just prior to a sucky day of returning tests, arguing with kids about their grades, and being meeting'd to death.

Ran into Noriko last week during a grocery-shopping-run at Daimaru. She looked great--really tan!--and we talked on the stairs and bothered all the stupid people trying to get around us. It was awesome. She just plunged right into the conversation by saying how much she and Eric hate Nishinomiya. We just stood there for about 45 minutes, bitching and bitching and bitching about how awful it is here. She says the people are backward and it's like she's blocked on all sides. Aaaaaah, I couldn't agree more! I figure that if a Japanese person feels the same way I do, it isn't just me.

The cicadas are so freaking loud, it's nearly deafening.

The water in the rice fields has run off completely or evaporated. It's not quite as appealing to look at when encircled by mud. But the rice plants themselves look like this luscious field of silky green grass and I just want to kick off my shoes and run through it and race my hands across the tops of the leaves. My little dragonfly doesn't follow me anymore. Maybe he died or mated or got eaten or all of the above. In a weird way, it's been sort of spiritually refreshing to watch the grass grow, in a sense. The shoots were spread out and looked so insignificant in the large, watery field; now they're like a great, big, green, fuzzy bathtowel. I want to just fall into the middle of it and never come back.

Better get to the meeting soon. Blech.


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Jul. 13th, 2004 06:52 am (UTC)
What is SELHi?
I'm just curious.

If you do stay an extra year, maybe I could make it over there, too!

Jul. 13th, 2004 04:50 pm (UTC)
Re: What is SELHi?
It stands for Super English Language High School. It's this program that the Monbukasho is working on, to improve the way English is taught in high schools around Japan. Basically, if your school sucks enough, but can show that it's willing to put out effort to improve its English program, they give you gobs of money for three years. Unfortunately, our school was selected for SELHi, so that means more meetings and a lot more work. At the last school that got it, one person's marriage broke apart (she spent all her time working on SELHi and hardly saw her husband for 3 years) and another person was hospitalized (stress-related illness). In other words, I'm dreading this, and I'm not the only one.
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