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This week has been weird

I found out on Sunday that I was named after a character in 'Eight Is Enough.' My parents loved the actress who played Abby and decided that that would be a cool name for their kid. Uh, okay. Nearly 24 and I *finally* figure out where my name really came from.

Monday I signed travelers cheques for 45 minutes. And I got my hair trimmed. It looks about the same as it did before. 'Cept the ends are neater. In the evening, I played the designated driver for Tagg and John L-M. It was fun, but I could have used a few extra beers. We started off at the Bunganut Pig, this (literally) hole-in-the-ground pub. Tried a new beer: Newcastle. Gooooood stuff. Had the worst time finding it, though. In the middle of downtown Franklin underneath an ill-lit parking lot. After Tagg's parents left, we headed to the Beer Seller (sp?), this hole-in-the-wall behind Hooters on 2nd Ave. Tagg and I beat every body else at that end of the bar at pool. (Well, we lost one game, but that was 'cuz Tagg was drunk and sank the 8-ball, that moron.) We won one game and three girls decided that the losing team (their team) had to flash the winning team. Go figure. One girl was Heather (she complimented my black velvet jacket--said that it was 'so in'--asked if it was name brand or vintage--I said, "Uh, vintage, I guess....my grandmother gave it to me"--she said she paid $500 for a similar jacket, but it didn't fit her nearly as well as it fit me and basically said that I looked awesome--I usually get along with people who randomly compliment me). Another one was Kristen or Kirsten or something like that. When John introduced himself, she thought he was saying "Juhn." I thought it was way funnier than he did. (I can't believe he's still doing the fake British accent crap, although it's not as bad as it used to be.) There was a really, really hot guy there who was kinda hitting on me. Sweet silent type. He said his grandfather taught him how to play pool. Tagg and I beat him and this guy named Emilio a thousand times. I told cute boy (I think his name was Cohen or something like that) that I had been taught how to play pool by my grandmother. After being beaten for the trillionth time, Cohen said he thought my grandmother was better at pool than his grandfather was. ::beaming:: Ran into Priya there; she looked great. Took Tagg and John to John's house to save myself the trip to Tagg's. They were pretty plastered for the whole evening. Towards the end, John just sat on a barstool and repeated, "I'm quite drunk. Yes, I am rather drunk. Ha ha ha. I say, I'm drunk." ^_^ (At least he doesn't apologize in Japanese like I do when I'm drunk. "Sake ni yotte, gomen nasai. That's what I kept saying to Shinya when I first met him. I'm shocked he doesn't think I'm a total retard.) I talked with him in Japanese (his Japanese is pretty good, actually--he's been taking for a year), but then I started talking too fast (and I use Kansai-ben too much) and he got lost. He wanted to say I was speaking too fast, but he didn't know how to say it, so he broke into English. Got home at 3:30am (and, thankfully, my mom has finally accepted the fact that I'm an adult and she doesn't need to monitor my actions anymore, so no nasty note waiting for me on the back door), got in bed by 4am. Kept waking up (that's what happens when I have a lot of beer in my system). Woke up at 7:14am, 7:38, 7:58, 8:15, 8:24, 9:35, 10:00.

Tuesday, I did nothing all day. Well, that isn't entirely true. I met up with my students (the Japanese ones) and Komura-sensei and Kamiya-sensei. Helped them find their tour guide. He was a really cool Japanese guy who's lived in America so long, his Japanese has an American accent. He was way more interested in talking to me than he was in doing his job. Helped them get underway. Talked with a security guy for a while. He was nice. He complimented me on my "Free Your Mind" shirt. Aunt Cindy was in town for a conference, so we took her out to dinner at the Siam Cuisine place on White Bridge Rd. It was the first time she'd ever had Thai food, and she loved it. Heard weird stories about her and my mom. I think I'm going to be scarred for life. ::tries to un-remember the stories:: Learned that my grandparents' marriage isn't as good as I had thought it was. I mean, it figures, but it was still sort of hard to hear. I think in many ways, it's good that my parents moved away from where their family is. Just to stay sane and figure out who you are. Have your own life. Went over to Tagg's that night and watched 1984 with Tagg, John, and Justin. (Justin's heading back for his second year of med school in NY next week.) The movie was really, really, really good, and it perfectly captured the feel of the book, the anxiousness and the bleakness. But it wasn't really a "fun" movie. You sort of felt like the protagonist towards to end. I found myself checking the time. My only gripe: like most movies, there's an uneven balance between female and male nudity. They're both naked at the same times, why not show them an equal amount of time? I know the answer, but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow. Sigh. ::screams at inequality in an unequal world:: ::starts to bitch:: I work so hard, all the time, to try and view people equally. It's something I'm always striving to do. Why don't other people do it, too? Am I just a freak or something? What good is self-improvement if nobody else does it? Argh!!! ::finishes bitching:: Got home around 3:45am and was showered and in bed by 4am. Pretty good, I think.

Wednesday I don't recall doing anything. Went over to John's and watched 'The Last Samurai' with him, Justin, and Tagg. Met his mom. She's super-nice and really cute. She's British. Nice, nice lady. She kept offering me more beer. Can't beat that! I drew during most of the film (I'll post what I drew one of these days...), so I misssed most of the subtitles. My Japanese *has* gotten better, after all. I understood most of the stuff that I heard. It was awesome. And I noticed some places where the translation was a little off. There's a part where the main Japanese bad guy (Omura) says, "Chigau jidai desu," which means, "This is a different era." Basically, he was telling Ken Watanabe that he belonged to the past and this was the future of Japan. The translation ran: "We need no protection." Now, maybe I didn't hear it right, 'cuz John's sound system kept messing up, but it seemed a little off to me. (But if I'm wrong, don't tell me; I don't want to know.) ^_~ Got home around 1:50am. In bed around 2:15am.

Got up this morning around 11:15am and went shopping with mom for EVER. (I hate shopping.) But it was nice getting to spend time with my mom, and she bought me *tons* of clothes ('cuz I never buy clothing for myself) as a birthday present. It was weird: most everything I tried on fit perfectly. I was like having a really amazing body all of a sudden. It was kinda fun, actually, 'cuz after trying on stuff, I'd come out of the dressing room and *bam!*, I looked great. It was sorta surreal. (I now have a super-shirt black skirt. I think my mom's trying to give me a little push in the dating department by buying me lots of flirty outfits. Thankfully, she let me get some things that were more to my own taste. Like button-up shirts and slacks. Gah, I never thought I'd say that. I have to admit, though, I do still wear baggy jeans and T-shirts every now and again....) Had dinner with her at Buca di Beppo (or however it's spelled). The Pinot Grigio was pretty darn good. And the Triple Chocolate Big-As-Your-Head cake was just stunning. (Okay, it's not actually called that, but it should be, I mean, it had three flags on the top!) I ate so much I'm still full to bursting. And we ate about 4 hours ago. We have so much in the way of leftovers that we could feed half of China. Betty White called tonight to iron out some coordinating details. I talked with her for quite some time, then turned to my parents and said, "Work follows you everywhere, doesn't it?" Dad rolled his eyes and replied, "Oh, I know what you mean." I could never hate myself enough to become a doctor. I'm glad he is, so I know how awful a life it would be. If he weren't, I might be in med school now. ::shudder::

Tomorrow I have lots of work-related stuff, starting around noon. It'll all be over (actually, I'm leaving early) around 7pm. Then it's off to Jaime's show at Watkins, and then karaoke after that (I'll post about that separately).

I'm tired. Time to go to bed.


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Aug. 26th, 2004 08:57 pm (UTC)
Let's see....last time I got plastered I said "D-R-U-N-K...DRUNK! K-N-U-R-D...KAH-NURD!" for about 1/2 hour. Everyone likes to say that around me now :/

1984....hmmm....that wasnt the movie where mom tried to blind us with her screams, was it? No, thats some war movie, er, I think. 19...what?
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