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Something loverly

Well, I was going to write something beautiful and poetic today, but I'm just too tired. It's been a really long week (especially since I didn't get the weekend off at all and I've had a couple of really long nights preparing for midterms next week). Although, I have to admit that I love writing exams. I can't wait to hear the screams next Thursday!

It was cloudy this morning (shocking!), but while I was working at my desk this afternoon, under cover of beige curtains, the sky cleared to a perfect crisp autumn blue. There's not a single cloud in the sky. I swear it never rains here for more than half a day, and then the sky clears before you even have time to open your umbrella. It's really starting to get on my nerves, although I have to admit I have been enjoying the sunlight a little.

I'm teaching my 一年生 English tongue-twisters. It's so much fun to teach, and their pronunciation is awful. ::grin:: They had SO much trouble with "real weird rear wheels." The only sound in the bunch that they even have in their language is the long "e" and the "z" sounds. やれやれ。

Well, must go: they're going to lock up the building soon and I've been locked in here before....

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