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I'd be lying if I said it didn't freak me out just a little bit.

I'm in the middle of an earthquake. It's not a big one, but it's big enough that stuff is threatening to fall down, and I feel like I'm in the back of a pickup truck. Let's add the fact that there's a raging thunderstorm outside, and we're getting lightning every few minutes. The people in the house across from mine are freaking out. I'm just glad I decided to not go out today after all. Otherwise, I'd be in the middle of both right now.

So there's thunder and lightning and earthquakes, oh my!

I don't recall a single thunderstorm happening all last year. There was a single bolt of lightning this spring, and it was huge and hit somewhere *really* close, but there was only one. And no storm with it. Which was weird. It lit up my apartment, though, which was exciting. I've been watching this storm today for several hours. And I saw a flash of lightning a while ago. I waited and waited for the thunder to rumble in. Suddenly, the ground started shaking. It was mild at first, then it got stronger and stronger. There were a few significant jumps, that's for sure. No, nothing's damaged, and nothing fell off my desk or anything, but it jostled things around a bit.

It's mostly done, now, but there are still small ripples that keep passing through. At first, I thought my heart was freaking out. Although my heart *is* doing weird things, I don't think it's capable of doing *that*.

Looks like it's starting to rain again.

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