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Charlie's Angel

So, Friday, before I went home (didn't get home 'til 9:15pm that night), 西室先生 tells me that all the students have been talking about the black leather jacket that I wear all the time because I have nothing else to keep me warm (although my winter clothes came today--thank goodness!). He said that they all think that I look like one of Charlie's Angels. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT? I am blonde, I have a leather jacket on, and my students think I'm a kick-ass babe. Who could ask for more?

Saturday was the dreaded speech-contest. It was SO surreal. Whenever the judges (a JET teacher, some old, hilarious Japanese guy, and me) entered or exited the speech hall, someone kept randomly playing the orchestral theme from "Titanic." And there were these two guys hiding behind the doors to the room, so whenever we left, it looked like the doors just magically opened. It was SO bizarre. At the closing ceremony they gave each judge a bag that had a box in it that had a TIN in it that was filled with all sorts of German cookies and cakes. うれしい!

As I left, they gave me a "judge's fee" of 3000 yen (about $28.00). Which was good because I blew it all at the International Beer Festival in Umeda (Osaka) that evening. I met up with Dan and Caleb and we went around to the different stalls and drank international beer and ate greasy, cheap international food and there was much merry-making. They had a stage and when we got there there were some taiko players (I drooled over that....I miss taiko so badly!) and then there were these pretty Thai dancers with golden pointy hats on (Caleb claimed that he was in love when he saw the Thai dancers--they were all female--and he said he really wanted one of those hats). Then they had some other performances, but they generally sucked.

We met up with Mary, Koichi, and some random Russian guy who had been staying with Koichi and driving him insane.

There was a completely gorgeous guy at the festival. That's all I have to say about that. (Except that he looked like a Michelangelo painting or something, only thinner.) He was so pretty. I kept talking about him and Dan said, "Oh, you mean me, right?" It was funny, in a sad way.

Then it got late and they started repeating performances. The taiko drummers got back up and they let audience members get up and drum. I was all upset about not playing taiko in forever, and Dan said, "Why aren't you up there already?" and I had had enough to drink to think, "Yeah; he's right!" so I went up and started wailing on the drum in perfect form in spite of my mild inebriation, and a newspaper photographer got up in my face, snapping my picture a billion times and everybody in the audience started to take my picture and everybody was cheering me on (you go, foreign girl!) and it was awesome. The MC was retarded and said, 「最近、外国人は素晴らしいです、ね!」 which was totally stupid. I explained to him IN JAPANESE that I had played taiko in the States for three years. He turned to the crowd and basically said, "Well, thanks to my excellent English, I was able to determine that this young lady has played in America before!" Sometimes Japanese people can be so stupid.

Then I had another beer (had to finish my food/drink tickets off somehow!) Dan and Caleb and I went up pretty close to the top of the Umeda Sky Building (you have to pay 1000 yen to go any higher than we did) and I got some awesome shots of Osaka at night. There was this bridge that connected the Sky Building to what I assume was another sky building of sorts. There was a sign at the beginning of the bridge that said that people who don't live in the smaller building should walk quickly through the bridge. So Dan, Caleb and I walked really slowly. We are such rebels. The festival was held at the base of the two buildings. There was sort of a lobby area there.

On Sunday I went shopping, then at around 8:45pm I hopped over to Sarah's birthday party (she lives two doors down from me). I talked with lots of people, played some drinking games, and got EXTREMELY drunk. That's the drunkest I've ever been in my life. At around midnight or so, I told Sarah that I had to go home. She said, "No; I want you to stay--I've told everybody so much about you and I want you to get to know everybody." I explained that I needed to go home and puke and she responded with (now keep in mind that she had been drinking, too), "Oh, that's okay: you can puke here!" Thankfully, I put my foot down and said that I had had a wonderful evening but that I REALLY needed to go home.

I stumbled crazily home (which, luckily, was not far at all and did not require skills such as: walking up/down stairs or catching trains), took of my clothes, and lurched for about an hour. It was good, though. Whenever I used to get drunk when I was living in Kyoto, I just kept it all down, which just makes it that much worse the next day. Of course, I puked so long and hard that I strained the muscles in my face, throat, and chest, and now they feel all bruised. And I had a mild hangover on Monday, but it was a national holiday, so it worked out okay. I just nursed myself back to health, and it wasn't really all that bad a hangover, anyway. Mostly just the thought of beer made me gag. I had at least 8 or 9 regular-sized beers all at once, on an empty stomach. (Bad Abby! Bad Abby!) I normally don't drink that much, but I also don't normally play drinking games, either. I drink because I like the taste; I don't drink to get drunk off my ass, which I did Sunday night. I kept pouring myself more beer, but my movements were a little exaggerated and I kept pouring beer into my lap. It was kind of annoying. And I kept apologizing in Japanese for being so drunk. I'm so retarded when I'm drunk, but at least I'm a happy drunk. I had a wonderful time at the party; it was the after-party, alone and retching in my dark apartment that wasn't so fun.

I rediscovered Diablo II on my computer. I had forgotten that I was still playing it until Monday.

Midterms started today. Only 1/4th of the students finished my exam. Mwa-ha-ha! If they had studied, more students would have done better, I know. Students here are so lazy, it's annoying.

Well, gotta go grade 300 (I kid you not) exams. Sigh.


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Oct. 15th, 2003 05:33 am (UTC)
As I left, they gave me a "judge's fee" of 3000 yen (about $28.00). Which was good because I blew it all at the International Beer Festival in Umeda (Osaka) that evening.

Oh my god. International Beer Festival? Why don't they have one of those in LA? [whine whine]
I love you; you're hilarious.
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