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It wasn't a weekend, but I like to think it was. At least, it felt a little bit like a weekend. I got out a little early on Wednesday and was home by 5:30. Which is wicked-early for me. (At least, I think that's when I got home....) I changed into my Foamy shirt and old jeans and pulled on a sweatshirt. And started up the stove. I heated fried rice from the freezer in the microwave (thank goodness they got a new kind out--the stuff with the lobster sauce was just freaking nasty) and made an omelette. Put the omelette over the fried rice and topped it with ketchup.

オムライス is one of my favorite Japanese dishes.

I was in the middle of finishing the omelette when the doorbell rang. Kelsye had come by to return the manga she had borrowed from me earlier in the week. And she dropped off Persepolis for me to read. It's a graphic novel by a woman who grew up in Iran (but who now lives in France), and it's akin to Maus. Talks about the Islamic Revolution and stuff like that. I'm about halfway done with it (but what am I *not* halfway done with in this world?); it goes by quickly.

Kelsye mentioned that video games looked likely to be played at her place, and Dan was coming over later, so she said I could come by if I wanted. I told her to call me when things were swinging. She said she'd call in about an hour. Kiomye was with her and I heard her say, "I want to see Abby's house." ^_^ She's so cute it hurts.

Popped "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (I had just never gotten around to seeing it before) into the VCR (I had borrowed the movie from school) and sat down to a nice dinner complimented by 2 super chu-hai's and a super screwdriver. Y'know, the long-as-your-forearm-aluminum-can variety. Okamoto-sensei called while I was in mid-dinner and needed me to help him get Andy (Dija's husband) to attend the English Camp starting tomorrow. I finished my dinner first out of spite, then headed down to Dija's and rang the doorbell. I always feel weird calling people or ringing their doorbells. It's this total invasion of privacy and it's an awful feeling. There was a L-O-N-G wait before the door was finally opened. Music was blaring and I just *knew* it was bad timing. Dija opened the door, but Andy was conspicuously out-of-sight. I explained the situation and Dija said she'd ask. Another long wait in front of a closed door. Kathy peered down the stairwell and saw me standing there wearing a sweatshirt. She commented on it and I explained that I was so used to the summer heat (it was pretty cool that night). She laughed and said she'd see me later. After a while, Dija came back and said Andy'd be willing to do it. I went back upstairs and called Okamoto-sensei back and told him the news.

Score one for Abby for doing favors when she's supposed to be relaxing. I half-recall yelling, "It's my fucking break now, people!" after I got the phone call from Okamoto-sensei. He would have bothered Dan, but Dan wasn't answering his phone. I just like to be left alone sometimes....

So an hour passed. I stopped the movie to record ナルト. Then I started the movie again and started drinking with a passion. An hour passed. No phone call. Another half hour passed. Nothing. I didn't want to go down and bother them in case the evening plans had changed and I was no longer welcome. Again, I hate bothering people. It was about 9pm when I finally decided to head down there and see what was up. I exchanged the sweatshirt and Foamy shirt for a plain T and my pink high-neck jacket. It looks a little like a Neru jacket, but not really. More Gattaca, I think. At least, that's how it feels. 'Cept for the fact that it's pink. Grabbed my cellphone and my keys and went down and knocked on the door. Kelsye answered and Matt and Dan were in full video-gaming swing. Kelsye explained that Matt and Dan were about to head out the door for a few drinks, and that it was her turn to stay home with Kio. I went into the bathroom and played with Kio for a while. She explained all her bath toys to me and we made miso soup in a cup that consisted of bathwater, several plastic animals, and a few ハム太郎 figurines. We mixed it up really well and "tasted" it several times to make sure it was good. Then we played a matching game with all the toys and lined them up on the side of the tub. Kelsye came in and said I'll become Kio's best friend if I don't watch it. I decided to stick around with Kelsye (it sucks to be stuck home alone), and Matt and Dan left (they went out with Kara, Kathy, Caleb, and a few other people--not really sure who all was there).

We got Kio into her PJ's (although she really wanted to stay in the bath), and into bed. Kelsye left the door open a little bit (they use a closed door as a threat when she's misbehaving, although that's apparently losing its effect, since she asked Kelsye to close the door later that night), and put on a mix CD (there were a couple of Dido songs in there that made me laugh inside to hear because I have so many memories associated with them). I showed her my drawings (only fair since she was letting me read her book), and we talked and talked and talked and I mixed drinks for us (I had brought over vodka, club soda, and lime flavoring). It was so good to just sit and talk with someone who's on the same level I am. There isn't any static between us. No interference, no white noise. No time, no past. It doesn't matter that we met for the first time two weeks ago or so. I feel like she's always been my friend. We've always known each other, we always have something to talk about. It just comes out. There's no silence between us, but it wouldn't matter if there were. Nothing surprises, but nothing's boring. We're the same, but we're very different.

We were in mid-conversation and suddenly the door staggered open. Matt was back, and it was around 1:30 in the morning. It certainly didn't feel that late. Kelsye showed him my art and he was nice enough to be jealous (you have to like anybody who says they're jealous of your artwork). He said my pieces had "polish," and when I asked him to clarify, he explained that they looked very professional. I'm bottling that happy compliment and will sip from it as needed in the future on bad days.

I knew it was time to make myself scarce, but I didn't know how to do so politely. Kelsye went to pee and Matt made himself an enormous cup of coffee. [I've never understood drinking coffee before bed.] Kelsye came back and said they had to head to bed, so I took my cue happily. I gathered my stuff (although I left the vodka, etc) and went home. The lime stuff was weirdly strong and actually ate away some of the tissue on the inside of my mouth. Maybe I need to learn to gulp instead of swish.

I got up late on Thursday, since it was a national holiday, and felt all day like I was playing hooky. I'm so used to fucking things up that I always assume I will/am/have. Of course, paranoia also runs in the family....but I have yet to get to the point where I believe my family members are all Nazi aliens bent on brainwashing me. (You'd think it's funny, but it isn't. It's sad. Seeing Aunt Jenny makes me so sad, but I'm glad she's doing so well now. The thank you letter she sent to Mom for last year's Xmas presents nearly made me cry. There's so much misery in this world that kindness hurts.)

MC had emailed my cellphone at around 1am that morning, while I was talking with Kelsye. Wednesday had been her birthday, and she wanted to hang out on Thursday evening. We finalized plans after I got home from Kelsye's. I dicked around my apartment all day, doing nothing as usual, then I got prettied up (which meant doing nothing different except wearing a shirt I had never worn before) and headed to Kobe. Arrived in Sannomiya at EXACTLY 6pm and was pleased with myself. I figured MC was on her way back to 姫路 from visiting Owen in 津, but she actually was kind enough to cart herself out to Kobe just to hang with me. I was really flattered and felt a little guilty. (Do I ever not feel guilty about some/any/everything?) I met her where the JR and Hankyu buildings intersect and we headed to that cheap Italian restaurant where a bunch of us went after Purple Monkey Dishwasher's performance in Kobe forever ago. The place where Cliff was brilliant enough to get fettuccine in squid ink sauce (his whole mouth was black for the rest of the evening). I guess the company had been good and I had been having fun the only other time I went, so it seemed like a nice restaurant at the time, but when I took MC there, it was painfully obvious that it was a super-cheap restaurant with low-grade fare. Oh, well. MC got some sort of shrimp and pasta in a cream sauce, and a glass of red wine; I had eggplant bolognese (なすボロネーゼ) and a glass of white. We ate and talked until 8pm. I paid, since it was her birthday, but she put up a little fuss, saying it had been my birthday first. I laughed and said I was feeling generous, she should just go with it, and it was cheap, anyway, so she let me pay. Thinking about it now, I'm really glad I did pay, seeing as she spent so much to get out to see me.

To avoid having to be the one to make decisions, I told her that it was her birthday, so she had to decide what we'd do next. I hate deciding stuff like that because I'm the queen of adaptation, but I know that other people aren't, and I hate the idea of dragging someone around and making them do something they don't want to do. I'm happy (or miserable, depending on my mood) just about anywhere--external things like where I am or what I'm doing don't really affect me that much. (Not to say that I don't feel good after several hours of karaoke, of course. ^_^ ) She opted to just wander around Sannomiya for a while, so we headed west. She had only been to Kobe twice before (she went to Chinatown with O), and didn't really know what was around. We got to Ikuta Road and I explained that there was a Tokyu Hands up the street. She said she'd heard of the store, but had never been in one and wanted to check it out, so that's where we went. She wanted to find a button-making kit so she could make buttons to hand out to people at a gaming con she and O are going to in Tokyo. They want to advertise the gaming site they've put up with Zeph, called gamepope.com. MC wanted to enlist my help with making art for the site, but I have enough trouble getting around to doing my own art.

MC and I spent the rest of the evening wandering around Tokyu Hands, checking stuff out. She liked the collection of punny men's briefs. And the tiaras. I blew about $20 on tones (I'm going to--one day--scan them into my computer and digitally attach them to my drawings, instead of actually physically attaching and wasting them).

At around 5-to-9 we got kicked out of Tokyu Hands and headed back to the station. We said goodbye and she invited me to go with her to Tsu (on one of her bi-weekly visits to see O) for the weekend. Course I'd have to have an actual weekend free to do that....but I'm definitely going to take her up on that some time.

I like MC a lot lot lot (I've been speaking in 3's ever since Eloise was first read to me--guess I would have been about 3 or 4), but it's funny because talking with her sometimes feels like I'm wading through wet cement. She's really hard to read. I can never tell what she's thinking, and I can never get a real laugh out of her (well, that's not true--she got really tickled by something I said during dinner, and she nearly choked, but other than that, most of her laughs are polite).

Polite and nervous laughter should be illegal.

It's interesting because I like her, but talking with her is difficult. Then I compare it to talking with Kelsye, and I wonder why I have trouble talking with anyone. But that's probably just because Kelsye's Stewie to my Brian. We were talking about Family Guy and who our favorite characters are, and I said I had a hard time deciding between Brian and Stewie, but I sort of leaned more towards Brian (although Stewie's definitely more quotable). And as we talked about it (she's gung-ho for Stewie), I started to realize that I *am* Brian. We're similar in a lot of ways. And Kelsye said she thinks she's like Stewie. Which is probably why we get along so well. She's intense and I'm an alcoholic. ^_^

So--to make a long story short--although Thursday wasn't a weekend, and it was a day off, and I partied like it was a weekend, which made having to work all weekend that much more tolerable. Thank goodness for random holidays.


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Sep. 27th, 2004 03:06 pm (UTC)
I LOVE "omu rice" too. SURPRISE!!! I read kana!
Sep. 27th, 2004 11:01 pm (UTC)
Props to you! ^_^

Sep. 27th, 2004 04:40 pm (UTC)
glad to here that someone had fun this past week. :)
Sep. 27th, 2004 11:05 pm (UTC)
Did you have a bad week? :(

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