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Sweet Victory

I got all the crap for my eADSL service setup and I read all the instructions in Japanese and set it up myself without a dictionary and I'm so happy I could cream my pants. Well, you know what I mean.

I'm so happy I'm even going to add a picture of the rice field I pass on the way to work every morning. The one I've written about. The one with the dragonfly who's long gone. I bike up the road on the right as I head to school, and the view of the rice and the mountains and the clouds and the only expanse of sky in all of Japan makes me happy to see. Like my own private moment of Zen on the way to a day of Hell. Definitely the highlight of my commute. For some reason, most students don't use that road, so it's empty 90% of the time, and I get the same feeling as when I'm alone in the woods. It's brief, but it's necessary. I feel like I can eat the sky and open up on the inside. Like I can suck all of the white out of the air and transform it within.

The sky is white today, but nothing can stop the artist pressing out from my skin. The white is coming out of my pores, through my breath, along the edges of my eyes. It's going to be a good day.

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