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Another Utterly Useless Day

But at least it wasn't a bad day. And I got to drink lots and lots of diet Pepsi ('cuz they didn't have diet Coke and they had these 2-liter bottles on sale which I've never seen here before--not for diet drinks, anyway), and I exercised and now I'm all sweaty and my cheeks are rosy and I smell like boy (not that I have one--sigh) and the windows are open and it rained a bit today, nice big drops on the leaves in the trees over my balcony and I think I'll have a salad in a minute.

I drew a picture a few weeks ago, testing out my tablet's tracing option, and I hadn't calibrated it the way I wanted it, so it skewed the image quite a bit and it's much thinner than the original was, but it's pretty nice and I was tired of having Gally up as my desktop wallpaper so I pulled an Andy Warhol with my little badass and she's staring at me smiling slightly (like I always do when I'm happily daydreaming) and it isn't perfect but it's pretty good and there are hundreds of her looking back at me black black on stark white. It was before I was swayed by Kelsye's hair and she still had spikes of hair around her like a crown. A little too StatueOfLiberty for me, personally, so it's not a bad thing I got rid of them (plus, I was having trouble negotiating them from the side/back), and now I draw her with little wisps of hair around the nape of her neck, whereas before the hair had been pulled into a ponytail at the back of the head and had been spiked from there (damn hard to draw from the side without it looking weird--failure). Mia was the inspiration for the piercings, although the metal plating in the back of each ear (which you can't see in this drawing) was my own invention. Keeps them from moving around, which I wish mine would stop doing. I took my seconds out and they oozed all over the place and there was blood and pus and stuff. I swear my body is more averse to alteration than my moral case is.

The lines are a little shaky because it was my first time tracing on my palette and I still wasn't used to drawing on a computer with my left hand. I learned to use a mouse with my right hand because I'm old enough that they didn't used to make left-handed ones, so I had to adapt (another bump in the road of the lefty). But it's all good because I can write with my left hand while surfing with my right (I AM the uber-multitasker). And I got used to using a tiny touch-pad, so the idea of being able to draw a single long line took some getting used to. But I'm good with my tablet now. Well, I'm not *good*, but I've gotten used to using it. And I don't have to use nearly as many brain cells to operate it.

(Actually, when I'm typing, I use my thumbs for the touch-pad and clicker, so I don't have to take my fingers away from the keys. And I touch-type. And you thought *you* were hardcore lazy on the computer. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to be dinking around using only my index fingers. Chimps aint got nothing on me.)

So, anyway, long rant short, here's my beauty (read: embarrassing attempt at tracing on a tablet for the first time please don't laugh at me):


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Sep. 28th, 2004 10:18 am (UTC)
2 things...
1. I can almost touch type as well with one hand as with two. Which is great for when you're having to hold the keyboard with one hand and type with the other.

2. You have a tablet pc? I'm super-ultra-mega jealous
Sep. 28th, 2004 06:24 pm (UTC)
Re: 2 things...
I don't have a tablet PC, I have a drawing tablet that attaches to my computer. It has a cordless pen and a cordless mouse (although I never use the mouse). The tablet itself is a Wacom tablet that hooks up through my USB port. It's got a 9x12 inch workspace which is freaking huge and I love it. ^_^ And you can lift up the see-thru cover and put drawings under there for tracing (which is how I traced the pic above--although I hadn't calibrated it at that point, and it was reading 1:1, which is why the pic got all stretched out).

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