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Hi, Hello, My Name Is Simon...

Still in a bit of a funk. I just want a full weekend. That's all I ask. I can pull 10, 12 hour days, whatever, but give me my weekend. Of course, this next weekend is going to be a 3-day affair, thank goodness, or I think I'd get medieval on someone (better yet, I'd get freaking primeval).

Got a phone call yesterday evening after having worked all day (fucking 英語判定試験--it was funny, having 河井先生 there because she kept telling me that the test was meaningless if we let students pass who only got 170 out of 400 points and I thought, "That's exactly what I said a year ago, and 西室先生 chewed me out about it, but he isn't addressing her reaction to it at all now" which was interesting). Dan and Matt were hanging out and wanted me to come over. I got all cutesied up and headed down. We sat around and talked about dirty words we'd learned in Japanese and drank and Matt kept serving up nachos which were heavenly (and I had been so good all day about keeping my diet--darn) and they had real cheese on them and I can die happy now. I haven' t had real cheese in...forever. Kio kept running around, squealing and being cute and playing with a wind-up toy beetle that has a plastic piece of watermelon on the end of a string attached to it. As the gears wind up inside, the string gets shorter and the watermelon inches closer to the bug's mouth.

What more could you want from a toy?

We listened to Adam Sandler (I haven't heard "The Longest Pee" since I was about 15). Matt served up a screwdriver for Dan that had at least 3.5 shots of vodka in it. Dan only got about halfway through it. (I finished the rest after he left. I can't let good alcohol go to waste.) Got to see the movies Matt had told me about. The first one was a project for a Japanese class, and the Japanese in it was terrible, as was the acting, and Dan and I got a huge kick out of it. Pretty freaking funny stuff. ("O-hi-sa-shi-BURI....") Then Matt played videos he and Dan and their friends had made in high school; one was based on 1984, the other was a James Bond. It was weird seeing them and Kelsye; they were younger, different. Kelsye had longish blonde-blonde-blonde hair. Which was funny. Matt looked about the same (although he's lost the black trench coat, thank goodness), but Dan looked completely different. I told him that he'd improved with age, and I meant it. He looked like a nervous middle schooler. He's exudes much more confidence now. And his glasses are much, much smaller. ^_^

Caleb came over and Kio alternated between covering me in blankets, crawling on me, getting tickled by Dan, and climbing on and choking Caleb. Caleb brought over some sort of foul-smelling German (I think?) beer that tasted like smoked salmon. Glad I only tasted Dan's and didn't have my own glass to deal with. I'm a HUGE beer fan, but I draw the line at fishy beer. We hooked up Dan's WWF 4 game (I *hate* that game because I'm used to real fighting games) and Dan cheated and beat everybody a couple of times. I think the game'd be more fun if everyone were more evenly matched (read: more practiced). I like fast-paced games that move around a lot, so beating someone solidly with a chair for 15 minutes doesn't really get my blood going. And I hate any game where the trick is being a better button-masher. I *like* the 50-step button sequence combination moves that annihilate the other guy. I don't like the "well, you wiped the walls with me for half an hour, but I happened to hit one button at just the right moment and so you lose." WTF?! ARGH! (I'm used to winning--can you tell?) ^_^;;

We played for a while, Matt eventually got Kio to bed, then Caleb took off. Dan left not too long afterwards, although he did make a new character before he did, which was pretty funny. Captain Normal, aka "Ted." Talk about a mutant. I actually considered getting the game just for the character creation ability. It'd be pretty sweet to create Sebry, et al. And then I'd be able to watch them run around. I could actually see them in motion. Which is pretty tempting. Dan left, and I felt weird being the last person, so I said I was going to head out, but Matt told me I sucked, so I stayed a little longer and he showed me some disturbing footage taken in Iraq. Then we sat and talked about Adult Swim and anime and inspirations for probably an hour. Kelsye eventually came home from hanging out at Kathy's and showed me two books she had handmade. They were really beautiful. Wish Nina could see them. She'd really appreciate them, I think--definitely her style of art. The front of one had a hammered copper plate on it. Pretty awesome, I have to say. I wanted to actually read everything in there, but Kelsye seemed to want me to just look at the "pretty parts," so I skimmed. I'd like to go back later and look them over more carefully, if she'll let me.

Art should never be face-value only. I think.

Got home around 2am, I think, and was in bed around 3:15.

I'll write more tomorrow about what I did all day today. I took two pictures of myself, but they aren't very clear and aren't representative at all. Instead of ceasing to live in filth, I played dress-up all day. But I'll go into that later.

I decided to finally sit down and work on the sorceress in TASWAN. I kept putting it off because I knew it would be difficult. Looked at lots of pictures of fashion models and stuff. I've found that I think in concepts, but I have trouble making thoughts concrete. I knew that I wanted her to be flowy and lovely and ethereal, but she has a silly side (she always makes Sebry roll her eyes in annoyance), so she needed to be solid. Hence the flowing skirt you can see through. It's pretty and impractical, but there's something real underneath. Here are descriptions of each drawing:

Totally not my style of drawing. I looked at pictures of runway models and was inspired to draw a composite of face parts I liked. The lines around the edges are arrows leading to notes to myself. A little too Barbara Streisand for my taste, but I like it well enough.

I made up or found a name for the sorceress, but I've completely forgotten it already. I had one a few months ago, but my stellar memory took over and it's gone now. Hoping to find it on a scrap of paper somewhere. This is the first drawing I did of her whole body. Just trying to get the costume right. She's "holding" an non-specialized magic sphere. I explain the math of magic in the story (so, no, I'm not going to explain post-creation magic specialization here, although I will say that it's analogous to stem-cell usage).

Decided I should do a profile just for practice, and to iron out the details of the costume, how it folds in back, etc. You can't really see the back, but I know what I mean by it. More notes than an actual picture. Note the long scarf/shawl with spiny fringe. It's well-starched and isn't made for snuggling or swaddling, that's for sure.


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Oct. 3rd, 2004 06:59 pm (UTC)
button mashing
typical efite video game elitism, you and your need for games that require skill. Button mashing was good enough for our fathers and forefathers and foremothers as well. It should be good enough for you. -Dan

And thanks for the compliment about looking better now than I did in the video. I'm cooler than I was in high school! Yeah!
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