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So many things to say and nothing to mean

I'm sure there's a better word for it, but I've been communicating in Japanglish all day and my brain is a little fried.

The sky today is this incredible mix of giant storm clouds and brilliant blue spots of sunlight and water but you can't really call it a mix since they aren't really co-existing, they're in a battle for dominance and it's really stunning. The sort of sky you wander around under in the hopes of seeing it all.

I've gotten addicted to run-on sentences. Nothing I can do but feed the addiction.

Sunday I was going to clean my apartment because it's positively toxic (even *I* think it smells funny), and I really truly was in the middle of starting to clean things (I was putting away laundry) when I came across THE SHIRT. I call it "THE SHIRT" because it's what caused --

--if you could see the sky right now your eyes would pop out of your head it's glorious, charcoal and blinding white twisted against bright blue--

--me to waste my entire Sunday afternoon/evening. It's a shirt I got years and years ago, probably just after high school, and it's this bright pink (one of those scary colors I never naturally choose on my own) that Mom picked out for me and it looks great on me, but it shrank a little in the wash and has been too small for me since. For some reason I brought it to Japan at one point and I found it under a pile of laundry on Sunday and decided to try it on, just for fun. It fit. Not only did it fit, but it looked good, too. Talk about your pleasant surprises. It was slimming and pretty and comfortable, my gosh, it was comfortable. No "the buttons are about to fly off" or "you can see rolls of pudge" or anything like that. Seamless clothing over a seamless me. So I started rifling through all my old clothes and everything was too big. Some things I was literally swimming in; they were enormous. I pulled out my old sleeveless dark red date dress that I haven't worn in years (but not just 'cuz o' the fat) and although my arms are still a little too flabby for me to wear it as is, it looked really good. No belly bulge, no nothing. Pulled out my knee-high black leather boots and put them on. Added a jacket and looked like a million bucks. Tried on my new black miniskirt and a fitted red top and that looked good, too. I added jewelry and pranced around like a girl wearing makeup for the first time and felt like I was 7 years old again.

So, yeah, to put it simply, I played dressup all day instead of cleaning. But it was good for my self-esteem which hasn't been doing very well lately, so I keep trying to tell myself that it wasn't a *total* waste of time. Eh. (I need to stop looking at fashion photos. They're not giving me the kinds of ideas I'm searching for....)

Bell's about to ring: back to the grind. Will write more later (still wanting those scallops, though).


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Oct. 5th, 2004 08:33 pm (UTC)
I brought a pair of pants to Japan that were too small from the moment I bought them. I just assume that I'll eventualy slim down enough to put them on. By the magic of being in Japan, of course, not due to any change in diet or lifestyle. :-)

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