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Matt called on Friday, inviting me over for nachos. He makes wicked-tasty nachos, and I don't even really like nachos, but I had to decline because 1) I didn't want Kio to catch my cold and 2)what good are awesome nachos if you can't taste anything?


Two weekends ago I went over to Kelsye and Matt's and after Dan left (he went home early--said he was worn out) Matt went out, bought a bunch of booze, made up a menu, and played waiter. It was awesome! ^_^ He even found a little bottle of champagne, so we were able to order mimosas. Yummy! Then we played several rounds of You Don't Know Jack. I'd never played before, so it was a little disorienting, but I still kicked butt. ^_^ Kelsye still maintains that she's smarter than Matt and I are, but we geeked her so many times, I dunno. ^_~ I mean, when you know that the Norse goddess of fertility is Frigg, you know you're a geek. (That would be me.) Stumbled home at around 2:30 in the morning or so, in the middle of this weird movie called Hush. Jessica Lange has never been so scary, oh holy lord. Watched the rest of it as I got ready for bed. Predictable ending, but still kinda scary. ::shudder::


Three weekends ago, Carolyn and I had to be a work bright and early to teach the PTA moms how to cook chili and cornbread. It was for this "World Food" fest thing they were having. (But I can't complain: teaching cooking one Saturday a year is far better than teaching English 7 Saturdays a year.) And since we were busy cooking, I didn't have to talk to anybody, which was nice. Just chatted a bit with Carolyn and Kawai-sensei (who came 45 minutes late). I swear, Kawai-sensei's never been on-time for anything in her life. The whole thing took about 3.5 hours, which was half an hour shorter than it was supposed to be, but 3.5 hours longer than I wanted it to be.

Copied some handouts from last year for Monday's class, and biked home. I should have taken the old route home, but it was karma, most likely, and I ended up running into Junko-sensei. I had no choice but to follow her back to her house. Wasn't where I wanted to spend my day, but she was so thrilled to see me, I couldn't say no. She invited me in and we started to make tea. Her sister and a friend showed up, bringing annin dofu (which I used to love, but I took a peek at the fat and calories in it and it broke my heart) and cookies. They were only able to stay a short time (they had all come from lunch at Poplar ポプラ and had to get to choir practice or something). Junko told them that a 珍しい人 ("rare guest") was there, meaning me. To my credit, I did try calling her several times, but she never answered the phone. I do like her a lot--she's a really sweet lady--but it takes up so much time.

Her sister went up to me and brushed the back of her hand against my acne-decimated cheek and said, "It's so soft!" つるつる! Then she and her friend went on about how white my skin was. At that point, I thought, oh, here it comes. Sure enough, "And her nose is so big!" (The literal translation is how "tall" my nose is, since they view their own noses as being dismally flat. I don't really see the probably with Asian noses, but they do, apparently.)

As big a compliment as that is in Asia, it still bugs me. My nose was the first part of my body to grow. No kidding. I've had a big nose for most of my life, and it's always bothered me. So when you're in a culture that simply cannot resist commenting on that one part of you that you really hate, it's kinda annoying. Even if you know they mean well. (Of course, sometimes they don't mean well, like the time my host grandmother laughed about how fat I was. Yeah, I was fat at the time, but come on! Gimme a break! You don't see me laughing at how old you are!)

Then Junko's sister started to assess me as a whole. White skin, blonde hair, gray eyes. And she said something I've never heard before (not in regards to me, anyway): 本当に美人ですよね! ("She's a real beauty!") I think that's what sparked my "Ice Queen in Osaka" trip. Well, I was going to go to Osaka anyway, but no one's ever told me before that I was a 美人. Ever. And if felt really good to hear.

Junko's guests left and I finished off my cold tea while she showed me pictures of her time at Peabody. Then she pulled out another stack of photos, trips she's taken around the world. In the past 3 years alone, she's been to Italy, Spain, Norway, and America. That's totally the kind of life I want to lead. There are all these countries I really want to go to: Korea, China, Thailand, Australia, India, Turkey, Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, France, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru. And a couple others.

Just as I finished my tea and the pictures and was about to excuse myself, she said, "Do you know the diamond game?" I literally thought, "Oh, shit." It's Chinese checkers, but she calls it the "diamond game." "No, I don't think so." "Oh, good! I'll teach you." So we played and I actually won! She's a damn good Chinese checkers player, but she tends to get excited when she sees and opening, and tends to sing, "Red-chan, red-chan, please don't move! Don't move, don't move!" in this little sing-song voice that's really cute and really good at clueing me in to the fact that I need to watch where I move my pieces. ^_^ I beat her by 2 moves, so it was a close game. She made me promise to give her a rematch, and I wrote down the score for her. Finally made it out the door and headed home


Yesterday, I was still feeling sick, but I went to school anyway. Wen through my usual morning routine and headed to school. Passed the gate guard and opened my mouth to say "Good morning" in Japanese, but nothing came out. Not a sound, not a squeak. Passed some students and tried to say hello--again, nothing. I had a two lessons to give using tongue twisters that day. I also had laryngitis. Ran up to Tsu and whispered in Japanese, "My voice is gone! What should I do?!" He seemed unimpressed, so I squawked the same thing, trying to speak in a normal voice. Mostly there was no sound at all, but there was the occasional squeak that managed to come out. At that point, he grasped that, no, I'm not lying thankssomuch, so he gave me some listening practice for the students to work on that mostly required me to press buttons on a CD player.

My voice isn't much better today, sadly enough, and I've been coughing up nasty stuff, which I hope means it's the end of this cold. When I get sick (and I do so quite frequently), it's always for a long time.


Ran into Dan, Matt, and Kio on Monday on my way back from buying groceries at Peacock. They were headed to Mickie D's. We talked for a while; Dan commented that a friend of his always called her "sick voice" her "porn star voice." Guess that's not too far off the mark: in 言コミ yesterday, I tried speaking--failure--and Kawabata (that pervert) said, "Oooh, sexy!" He needs to just get laid and get it out of his system. As Carolyn always says, "That boy has sex on the brain."


Monday was well-spent: I started a drawing. Not sure where I'm going with it, but it's not going where I wanted it to. Not to say that it's bad, it's just not what I was going for. It's loosely based on Hindu gods--found a nice site of images that's been very helpful. Was adjusting the contrast and brightness in photoshop before putting it in photobucket and it turned blue, which was fitting, since I looked at several pictures of Shiva, who was my original inspiration. ^_^


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Nov. 9th, 2004 07:58 pm (UTC)
This is a beautiful drawing. I love how fluid it is.

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