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On Tuesday night, I got Bad Drunk. Bad Drunk means crying for an hour, yelling at other drunk people, and barely missing puking all over your own shoes. Bad Drunk is trying miserably to get sober and failing desperately.

I'd never been Bad Drunk before and I never want to be again. It was horrible. Of course, I made a series of bad mistakes to get there (usually I never make more than one bad mistake in a binge-drinking sequence), which I mapped out in my head the next morning.

1) I drank copious amounts of booze on an empty stomach.

2) I mixed booze. The early evening began with a Chardonnay. Later, I progressed with numerous servings of single-malt scotch (aged 15 years--very nice) and decimated myself with several glasses of bourbon (Turkey Hill). I really need to learn to stick to vodka. I enjoy scotch, but it isn't made for getting drunk on. Neither is bourbon. Actually, nothing with lots of sugars in it is.

3) I didn't stay hydrated, and I didn't eat.

4) I kept drinking even though I noticed an intense aversion to the buzz I was getting from the scotch. I started to feel nauseated and my head felt fuzzy in a bad, heachache-y way that I REALLY didn't like. But I kept plugging away.

I distinctly remember crying in the kitchen, "I don't want to be drunk like this! I don't like it at all!" I intensely wanted to be sober, and I was dreading the coming hangover. If being DRUNK was that bad, how horrible would the hangover be?!

Turns out that I did fine the next day--it took me an hour to get completely out of bed, but I didn't feel too bad. I kept it slow, and was careful not to do anything too sudden or quick. And I was totally fine (although I passed on the mid-morning trip to the movie theater).

That, of course, means that I know how to prevent a serious hangover (but, oh, that made for several painful trial runs while I was still learning my lesson years ago), which may or may not be a good thing....


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Jan. 1st, 2005 09:38 pm (UTC)
yikes, that's no good.
I'm back, i'll call you tomorrow (:
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