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Slobber Means "I Love You" [Written 1/9]

Shaolin Soccer came on the tube last night as I was knocking back chu-hai hand over fist and reveling in the old familiar intoxication that only Japanese liquor can give me. I sighed happily in the warmth of my own small sphere of alcohol-induced pleasure.

[I'm not an alcoholic because I can say 'no' to alcohol most of the time. America's legal drug of choice, indeed.]

I got half an hour or so into the movie before I decided to head down to Kelsye's. I hadn't seen anyone, really, since getting back, and I'm starting to learn that loneliness is something that can be cured. I had worked until 7pm that day and was tired, but the booze gave me enough of a kick to get me up and out the door.

Kelsye gave me a hug as soon as I made it through her door and Kio proceeded to dance about and toss her hair with her hand in perfect princess imitation. Then she ran about and showed me all of her toys. I sat on the floor while Kelsye and I caught up on each other's madness, and Kio came at me at full speed, flinging her arms around my neck and sending me flying backwards. I was helpless to do anything but laugh as she pinned me to the ground and slobbered on me.

[Wow. I just realized that I love being a tragic character. I mean, I've always sort of known that, but I just pictured myself in a state of "happily ever after" and it seemed so sad to me that I had to picture myself broken-hearted to feel better. Am I my own foil? Or am I attracted to imperfection and its inherent suffering?]

It was so good to see them again, even if I was covered in little-girl-slobber. ^_^ Getting hugged a lot by a tiny, smiling ball of energy is nice.


Kelsye and I are heading out for absinthe tonight. Hopefully my heart will hold out and the mix of new medication and absinthe won't stop it cold in my chest. How can I be a machine if I have a faulty engine? How can I be strong with this weak thing inside me? It's hurting....


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Jan. 10th, 2005 07:16 pm (UTC)
man, I haven't seen Shaolin Soccer in forever.
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