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Thoughts While Walking

It's strange when the details of your own life are reflected in somebody else's lyrics. I always had this peculiar feeling like I had inside knowledge whenever I listened to Tori Amos. [My baby sister's nickname is Beanie, my dad and I constantly make random comments about monkeys to each other....the list goes on and on.] Just a thought I had while listening to "Bliss"--the most magical song ever!--and walking under a white sky.

The sky is perfect white today, flat and expansive and dull, but it has no hold on my mood. How can it, when I have to fight to keep from falling into the pleasant escape that is my mind? Aside from sleep-deprivation, I cannot concentrate on anything because I am perpetually drawn to recent happy memories and future fantasies. There is an embarrassing childishness in the blush that spreads across my cheeks, but I will savor the warm glow from my face because one day, I may lose the ability to feel that way.

Steady as it comes right down to you
I've seen it all
So maybe we're a bliss of another kind

I don't have the time or the mental energy to craft something beautiful in words today, but this'll do, I guess.

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