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So, about them flapjacks....

Well, I made the flapjacks (and subsequently took pictures of them in all their "ack, I'm kinda burnt on one side" glory) and ate half of them (there was just too much for one lonely me to eat all by her lonesomeness-ess-ness). ::grinswithcleverglee:: Once I can actually hook my camera up to my computer, and my computer up to the internet, I'll post the proof (vaingloriously--ack, Dan's gotten me into this "using odd words and giving yourself points for it" trend) for all to behold....

Nishimuro-sensei is teaching his senior elective class right now. Today's lesson: Eminem's "Without Me" (music video included!) Go backbeat!

I went to Lawson's today to get lunch and on the way there was this really gorgeous guy with one ear all pierced to kingdom come, sipping ramen from a styrofoam bowl and I nodded ever so slightly to him in greeting and he nodded gently back and a hint of a smile came to his lips and to mine and I was positively enchanted. Japanese guys can be so beautiful sometimes (the confident ones, anyway). This guy was one of the university students, which means he's probably my age (score!)

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings today. Tuesday after-school meetings are HORRIBLE!!!!! Four hours is WAY too long for ANY meeting, I swear. (I bought this really amazing Lipton muscat tea that I can drink during the meeting today to keep me sane.) Decorations go up Thursday afternoon, and then the 文化祭 (cultural festival) starts on Friday. (No Saturday off this weekend--boo! But I get next Wednesday off, which is nice.)

Tonight will be spaghetti with meat and mushroom sauce (it's to die for--aka "no, I didn't make it; it's from a can") and the rest of those darned pancakes. Yamamoto-sensei told me that acerola juice is great for your skin, so I've been drinking it everyday (and my skin has started to clear up, miraculously). Apparently, it's what they drink in Okinawa, which is, supposedly, why Okinawans look so young (so they say). I dunno, though: when I went to Okinawa, everybody looked pretty normal to me, but then, I wasn't really paying attention to the people so much as I was gawking over the gorgeous ocean and the cool shopping arcade in Naha, and trying to find Nina whom Leo and I had lost at the time--she had gone off to see a glass-blowing place (I think) and then ended up hopping a ride with a foreigner (what were you thinking?!) among other crazinesses.... 懐かしいなぁぁ

Captain Jack Sparrow meets Eloise: I swear, that's me to a T.

I tried typing on my laptop last night and I could barely use it, I've gotten so used to Japanese keyboards (commas are SHIFT+7, open parenthesis is SHIFT+8, closed is SHIFT+9, and quotation marks are SHIFT+2).

Oh, the meeting's going to start soon: I need that muscat tea!


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Oct. 28th, 2003 06:08 am (UTC)
Japanese guys can be so beautiful sometimes

Only one thing wrong with that sentence. Remove the 'sometimes'.
Lucky Abby. ~_^
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