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1) Total volume of music files on my computer? Close to 2GB at this point, although I have a lot of stuff on CD or MD that hasn't made it to my hard drive.... (Not to mention the several gigs on my old laptop.)

2) The last cd i bought was...? I bought a whole bunch at once because I had a lot of "research" money to burn (about $2,000 worth--but, no, I didn't blow it all on CDs and DVDs like I wanted to). I went to the Tower Records store in Sannomiya (Kobe) and bought: ~Shining Energy~ by 女子十二楽坊, 君繋ファイブエム by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Go Datsu Game by "E"qual, Rock the World by Homemade 家族 (blech), 崩壊アンプリファー by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, some random album by Def Tech because it was cheap (but not cheap enough to be worth it), Tataku: Best of Kodo II 1994-1999 by 鼓童, Best of Kodo by 鼓童, and some other stuff I can't think of at the moment.

3a) The last song i listened to before writing this was...? "以来絶頂 -album mix-" by nobodyknows+

3b) Song playing right now is...? "Morning Bell" by Radiohead

4) Five albums i listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me...?
-Us by Peter Gabriel--I think I was about 8 years old and my dad and I were waiting in the car for Mom when we started talking about music. I said that I loved this album and, much to my surprise, Dad not only agreed with me, but he immediately took me to Target or some place like that and we bought it on tape together. So not only is it an awesome album, it has happy memories for me.
-Gipsy Kings' self-titled album--My family and I used to listen to this in the car on repeat on long road trips. "Bem, Bem, Maria" especially has great memories for me. Maureen was about 2 or 3 years old and she was cranky and wouldn't stop screaming, but we couldn't stop the car because we were up in the mountains in the middle of the night and there was nowhere to pull off the road. "Bem, Bem, Maria" came on and after each line of the chorus, Amelia suddenly started squawking like a parrot in rhythm with the music and, for whatever reason, Maureen got really tickled by that and she laughed and laughed for hours, which made that part of the trip a lot easier on everybody.
-Throwing Copper by Live--This started my love affair with my favorite band of all time. Say what you will, but I really like Live, although I never did like the song they became famous for ("Lightning Crashes"). It was one of the first CDs I ever bought at The Great Escape, my home away from home.
-Greatest Hits by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble--Dad used to play this so much that not only did I get used to it, I really started to like it and bought my own copy a few years ago. It's a fabulous album and I had the biggest crush on SRV for years, in spite of the fact that he's dead. I agree with Dad that SRV's one of the greatest guitar players ever. (And he has a wicked-sexy voice.)
-Any of Tori Amos' earlier albums--I first got into Tori in the early 90's and although I haven't bought "The Beekeeper" (because CDs cost about $30 here and I haven't heard many favorable reviews of it), I've bought most of the other stuff she's put out. Her music doesn't quite speak to me like it used to because I'm no longer depressed and thus I no longer sit around in my dark room writing bad poetry and crying and listening to "Precious Things" on repeat, but many of her songs still echo within me in a pleasant way that's fabulous for drawing.

5 people to pass the baton to and why:
-toshimitsu0812--Because he's a really good musician, and I'd like to know what his influences/opinions are.
-phanofphantom--Because I have no idea what her music tastes are, although I have a better idea now of how her tastes in movies run!
-hoshinohikari--Because she never writes in her lj at all, and I'd like to see something!
-kuaimao--Because although I know a lot about her, I don't really know what kind of music she likes.
-neondragon--Because I'm curious to know if she reads my lj or not. I wouldn't, if I were her--I'm going to start putting up more art soon, I promise (I may even make a separate lj account for my drawings)--but I'd still like to see if she does or not.



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Apr. 30th, 2005 05:04 pm (UTC)
I don't have your email... i don't want to perpetuate the disconnect of livejournal by making a general post about a quasi-big event in my life, so i wanted to tell all my good friends personally what happened. And since i don't have your email and i can't call you in japan i'm just going to tell you here.

Ok, here we go.
Hey, abby, guess what?
no, i wasn't invited, i found out through a mutual aquaintance's LIVEJOURNAL. ARRRRR. The rumor is that his dad said that he'd stop bailing him out when he got into trouble unless he married his (nice but withdrawn and isolated) girlfriend. Ross was sending me weird reconcilatory emails (which i ignored) until maybe january, and now he's getting married? Not that i want anything to do with him, but how icky. I feel old. He's only the 2nd person after Daniel Bryant that's my age that's gotten married, why does it have to be my exboyfriend. Nobody knows what to say, they're like, "Oh, gee, um... yeah." Anyway, so that's what's up in my life...
Apr. 30th, 2005 09:05 pm (UTC)
I understand how you feel. If Zeph had suddenly decided to get married not long after we'd finally called it quits, I'd have been distraught. (Thankfully, he can't get married, legally--not the way he'd want to, anyway. Which is sick and selfish of me to say, but it still feels like some small consolation.) And I understand that how you feel is no reflection of your true feelings for Ken, nor is it related to how you feel about Ross.

I feel sorry for the girl he's marrying. As you said, Ross' hand is being pushed by his dad, which means the marriage will probably have a really short shelf-life. Marriages for all the wrong reasons never work out. So it really just boils down to Ross embarking on a few years of marital unhappiness. That's my bet, anyway. And the fact that he's been trying to reconcile things with you until quite recently doesn't look good for the bride-to-be.

Why do you feel old? My old roommate from my sophomore year of college got married during our senior year and had her first baby last fall. It kinda weirded me out. My best friend here has a 3-year-old daughter. And my cousin, who's a year younger than me, got married a few years ago and had her first baby last year. The funny thing, though, is that I don't see myself as being so old, just because my friends are getting married and having kids, but rather I see them as being really young to be doing those things. I'll probably get my PhD just before my 29th birthday, and I plan on working a few years at least before I even think of having kids. Not to mention that I'd need a boy and some inclination to procreate before considering having kids. So, at the earliest, I'll be having them when I'm in my mid-30's, most likely. Which sounds reasonable to me, I think.

In one of my lj entries (which I have yet to post, consequently), I talked about feeling younger the older I get. I don't know why that is, but I think partially it's the fact that the older I get, the better a viewpoint I have on the course of my life and where I am in it. I've felt old before, but only very briefly. I can attribute a large part of that to my parents, who've always had a wonderful outlook on aging. And I agree with them: you're life just keeps getting better and better.

Sorry I got so long-winded with this reply to your comment. I've been typing incessantly a lot recently--dunno why. Anyway, if you ever want to email me, try alexaunderscorekarudaatyahoodotcom, and I'll send you my "real" email addy. I don't know that I have your email addy, either, weirdly enough. Thanks for telling me what's been going on with you. I'm sorry the next one to get married had to be your ex-boyfriend of all people. >_< Wish I were there so I could take you out for Vietnamese food or something.
May. 4th, 2005 11:08 am (UTC)
I wrote. Not much, but something. Hey, I spend about 3-5 of my non-work hours a day typing, trying to help SOMEONE edit/rewrite/rework his thesis/grant proposals/job apps, etc. not to mention my job/grant/internship applications, so I think I have SOME excuse for only updating sporadically.
But I will TRY to write more. No guarantees.
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